Things I wish I knew when I started blogging.

  I started my blogging in 2014 and now we’re here almost 4.5 years later. Still going strong. However, I wish I knew certain things when I started blogging.   But as a blogger in 2014, I have gone through phases of knowing something to knowing nothing about blogging. And sometimes you need that helping hand to make you understand or at least give you an…

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Heels for the girl who finds it difficult to walk.

Heels. They are a huge concern for girls. There are amazing heels in which we feel comfortable but there are some heels in which we don’t and might end up falling or our legs will have blisters. Which is so irritating and painful. I honestly don’t feel very comfortable in high heels, so I have tried and tested various types of heels in which I’ve…

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DITCH Jeans & wear these Instead!

  I was always a jeans girl but recently I’ve really enjoyed wearing jeans. I used to wear skinny jeans and they used to make me feel very uncomfortable and itchy. So as you can see there are various types of Pants trending currently and we can see a lot of variety available to us right now. I have been wearing snap pants, slit pants,…

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2018 half yearly round up.

  Wow, 2018 is almost halfway through, I can not believe it! Half 2018 was great and also a learning experience. I’ve decided to create a round-up of all the blog post  I’ve created in these six months of 2018. 8 things I’m looking forward to do more in 2018. Get Celebrity Red Carpet Looks for less! Pune Jaipur February Fashion Trends I’m looking forward to…

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The content that I’m most Proud Of

As a content creator, we strive our best to create the best content which we can inspire so many people in some way. For me, I love the aspect of storytelling and saying things through my imagery. A picture is worth 1000 words are what they say and it’s so true. So this summer as I had a lot of time to myself, I decided…

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Quotes I loved in the book The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a Fuck + Giveaway!

The Subtle Art Of Not giving a Fuck. You might have seen this book title everywhere recently. Of course, it is a New York Times Best Selling book. And the title itself is so intriguing. I love reading books, I had a phase where I was so engrossed in reading but as technology and social media happened I don’t have that connection to books anymore. Or…

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Make the most out of the SALE!

Sale season has arrived and I’m not gonna lie I have already bought a few pieces of Clothing! I can’t wait to show you how I’ve styled them on my Instagram! We have so many brands available to us at our doorsteps and most of them are having huge discounts and sales right now! So today I am going to show you one of the biggest…

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101 Quotes that will Change your mindset on Life.

Quotes. Everyone loves a good quote which resonates with their current state of life and their current mental position. I definitely love a good quote which sums up what I’m feeling into short words. But, quotes can be both positive and negative, and we’re all guilty of searching sad sappy quotes when we’re not in the positive mindset. And that’s completely a normal thing to…

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s day is almost here and it is such a beautiful day that we show appreciation to our dads. Not that we just need father’s day to show that appreciation, in fact, every day should be celebrated as Fathers day. But as of the occasion here are few Gift Ideas you can Gift your dad.  …

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My Summer Swimwear Staples

Talking about summer swimwear staples, Bikinis and one piece swimsuits are always a consideration. Especially swimsuits from Zaful are the best. I have always heard about Zaful Swimwear and recently I got to try them out.…

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