10 Girl Bosses that keep me Inspired.

“empowered women. empower others”
Today we are witnessing so many amazing business women who are absolutely killing the game! I can’t be more inspired. From the past 3 years, I’ve met & talked with a few and the most talented Girl Bosses in the industry. It just warms my heart and I get so inspired meeting new girl bosses & watching them grow. Get ready & get excited. 

1. Selena Gomez 

This won’t come as shock. If you’re following my blog since a long time you might know that Selena is my role model. I look up to her everytime. Every since I was 10 or 8, till now & I’m sure till I’m like really old she’ll still be my most favorite Girl Boss ever. Not only a Girl boss but a really beautiful human being inside out. Her personality shines through her work & her creativity. She’s 1000% authentic with what she has to say to her audience.  You really don’t see such kind of people who are at that successful with that much dedication, kindness, authenticity & love towards other people.

2. Victoria Magrath 
Victoria you might know her as Inthefrow. I can’t tell you how genuinely inspired I am. Her work ethic, hard work, dedication simply everything just shines through. Her true self shines through her Blog which I connect to. Managing Blog, Youtube plus traveling around the world and she’s still killing it! I’ve talked with Victoria a few times on Twitter, and needless to say, she’s the sweetest person & such a lovely friend.

3. Kelsey Simone 

I adore her so much. She’s such an amazing person to gain inspiration from. She says the truth. Her style reflects so much about her. At an age of 18, she’s literally killing it! I can see the quality of content which she shares. She knows what she’s doing.

4. Sophia Amoruso

Sophia is such a Badass Girl Boss! If you’ve read the book Girl Boss you might know how an incredible women  Sophia is. I was honestly amazed by the book & her story. It’s worth the read for everyone. Despite all the negativities Sophia established Nasty Gal & look at it now! A multi-million dollar empire! That my friends are what you call dedication.

5. Swara Khot. 

Swara is my cousin sister. You may know her as Swara’s Sweet Delights on Youtube. I’ve watched her business grow day to day and I’ve seen how much she has worked hard for it. Managing multiple businesses at a time with managing family is definitely not an easy task.

6. Aashna Shroff.

You might know Aashna as TheSnobJournal. This I met Aashna & I got a chance to talk with her one on one. We were discussing our days and casual talks. Just that time it hit me how much hard she works & how hectic was her schedule. The way she managed to do 20 things in a day & completing all of them before the day gets over is insanely great! Also, it’s not about getting things done quickly it was about getting things done as perfectly as you can. And she manages to do it so well!

7. Shivangi Gautam 

Shivangi or Shindsancrown. Shivangi is my best friend. We’re basically the same person with same opinions. I’d say that the quality of her content keeps me motivated and I strive to work hard & produce good content. And always focus on the quality factor. I mean look that image.Such a beauty!
It’s always amazing to have such a great friend by your side to guide you & just have fun wile working!
8. Superwomen

What can I say? She’s legit a Superwomen. You can totally see how hard Lilly has worked via her vlogs, videos, books. I got lucky and I meet her last year, I was speechless, she’s so grounded and nice and kind all the adjectives yes! I also read her book where she spoke about her journey in detail and honestly hats off to her. Her work ethic is so simple but so strong. If you want to succeed you have to work hard and it’s that simple!

9. Zoella.

I’ve been watching Zoe’s videos & reading her blogs since 4 years now. And she was the reason I started Blogging. Following her through vlogs and blogs you can see how much efforts she puts into each and every project of hers. Despite the anxiety, bullying and other social issues she has grown so much personality wise, career wise etc.  Imagine managing Blog + Youtube + her Novels + Product Line + merch and other stuff! Genuinely a badass Girl Boss & such a sweetheart!

10. Cartia Mallan.

Cartia is such a positive soul. I can connect to her on such a deep level. The things which she mentions about Spirituality, Law of Attraction & Manifestation is so powerful & meaningful. It’s hard to explain but I can relate to it so freaking much. Also, we’re such Leo’s we are emotionally grounded with love and positivity. She’s such a positive soul and I’ve never seen someone talk this freely about Spirituality, LOA, Manifestation & all sorts of emotional things you know.

Who are the Girl Bosses who inspire you? Let me know in the comments below & we can chat about it! 

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