10 Things you should do everyday for a better living.

I cannot tell you the times when I’ve practiced these & instantly felt so good and different. Obviously, it took me time to get used to doing all these things on a regular basis. We all have those days where we just can’t even bother doing anything but sometimes these things will help you.

This is probably one of the most important things we all should be doing. In this technical world, we’re constantly on our phone and we actually forget that there is someone in front of us. Just go ahead and talk with people. Not necessary any random person, it can be your friend, family member, colleague literally anyone. And don’t just talk learn from them. How they talk, what they’ve to tell you. Grasp positive thoughts & give the same.

New day New challenges. Every day you can set a goal for yourself, it can be about saving money, working out more than usual, sleeping more, food etcnot eat food etc etc. Make small goals which will help you to achieve those long term benefits. For example : For me I’ve been trying to gain weight & be healthy, my goal for the day will be to consume 2000+ calories.

Being thankful will not only make you feel positive about yourself but it is a great way to express gratitude. If you are thankful for what you have now the universe will give you more and more.

I’ve heard so many people talking on how meditation changed their life. I wasn’t really convinced until and unless I started doing this. But yes meditation does help to concentrate and focus on one thing at a time. That way you aren’t wasting your time and doing exactly what you’ve wanted. You probably check your phone 10 times every 2 minutes while reading a book or doing something else. I’m guilty of the same.

I cannot tell you how many times I haven’t drank water and how many times I’ve felt good that I’ve drank it. Long story short we all know water is important and stuff I ain’t here to teach biology. But it’s keeping my skin so fresh & glowing. Not just skin but the whole entire body needs water so you better drink it!

Okay this links to the previous point. I was never a healthy person. I’d hate to eat vegetables and everything that’s good for my body. But you know slowly and steadily I realised the importance of being fit and healthy. I’m not saying that I’m so fit or look at me. Hell no, definitely don’t. I’m underweight and I do have few deficiencies. But as I realised that it’s time to stop and really think about what you’re putting in your body. If you put crap junk stuff constantly in your body, you’re gonna feel that way. If you put positive healthy stuff in your body you’re gonna feel so healthy and be much more active to do work. Here’s the thing if you eat good food your body will feel good and if you feel good your mind will feel good and if your mind feels good your soul, instinct, subconscious will feel good! You see that’s the circle there! Let’s talk about an incident. My friend once feel sick and not just sick like really sick that she couldn’t get up from the bed. The day she fell sick, we all were supposed to go out & hangout and have fun. She really really wanted to join us and have fun, but her body wasn’t balancing it. Inspite of the willpower she wasn’t able to join us. When your body is in go form when your body is feeling the most active that time you’ll be able to do the stuff which you’ve want to do.

Let’s be real you won’t run a marathon just like that, you’ve to prepare your body for the action which you’re going to take. Okay I know enough of blabbering from a girl who’s unfit. I get it. I slowly understood the importance of taking care of your health and trying to control your diet. You can cheat once in a while but make sure it’s just once in a while.

This again links to the previous 2 points. I hate working out. Honestly i’m saying that. I hate it. But you have to keep your body moving in order to keep it fit.  Exercise  can be in any form. It can be going to the gym, walking, running, doing yoga, boxing, dancing,c ycling, swimming  etc! For me walking & yoga works the best. I’m trying to put dancing in my list but I suck at it. You have to see what works the best for you and just keep doing it continuously. You can just go for a 30 min walk and you’ll be done. Today we all carry phones with us and there are fitness apps available in huge amounts. Literally you type health app and you’ll get hundreds of entries. My goal for everyday is to walk 10,000 steps. That’s the spot of being healthy. Walking 10,000 steps a day is recommended by most of the trainers, doctors etc. Although I haven’t managed to reach there yet. The most maximum I went was 8.5k which is  a lot for me. My daily goal is to walk atlas 5k steps. If you all of a sudden walk 10k you’ll feel like you’ve worked out after ages and your legs hurt like hell. Yeah that will be the feeling. So take small steps towards exercising.

Journaling is a great way to express your thoughts to yourself. When you word vomit you’ll solve all the problems. There are so many journals available. One of my fav is “Start where you are” It is a journal for self exploration & knowing yourself. It’s a really great one but also you genuinely think deep and write truly you’ll discover so many things about you. You can just let your thoughts go on a paper and everything will link back to its own.

I used to read a lot 2-3 years ago, I really wanted to bring back those days of my life where I’d just read on and on for hours. Fortunately I’m able to. This summer I’ve read 5 books total in 2 months. Which is a really great thing for me because how I am now, as in my mind wanders so much and I get easily distracted by everything that’s around me, completing 5 freaking books from different authors is a big deal for me. I must have checked my phone atleast 20+ times  while writing this blog post. Yeah that’s how distracted I can get . I keep a target or a fun goal of completing 1 chapter daily. That way I can complete reading the book also don’t feel sad that I never get the time to read. You have the time but you don’t know how to utilise it. Reading also broadens your vocabulary which is beneficial for me. I always tell my friends to check my grammar after i hit the publish button on the blog post. Also reading is amazing, it makes you escape into this different world of imagination. I feel like when it comes to watching movies or TV shows everyone can see the same, but when it comes to reading a book. No two people can imagine the same. That’s the magic! Currently I’m reading GIRL BOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I’ll talk about it in my Summer Reading list!

This is probably the most important one for me. You all must have heard about what Law of Attraction and Manifestation is. You have to set up your mind to be thankful and think positively. When you genuinely think good and wish for good things to happen in your life that’s when you’ll see the difference. See good in everything. That’s what I try to explain to myself whenever I feel sad or not so good. If something really bad happened, think it as a signal from the universe. Everything happens for a reason and there are things which you can’t control at all but you can control the thinking process towards it.

Manifesting positive thoughts and also accepting the sorrow in your life and trying to move forward with the sorrow will make you stronger. I can talk about this forever so keep an eye on few more posts about manifestation and how it has worked for me!

So think positive and bring in the great manifestation powers.We all have different levels of vibrations  & look for signals from the universe. It’s trying to tell you something. Also don’t expect to receive good if you give negativity. It’s give and take with the higher power, it’s a circle.

That sums up this whole word vomit of mine.
I feel like I’m a completely different person. After following most of these steps I’ve felt things differently. In terms of health, fitness, spiritual things. I try to complete all of these ignored to have a mindful living. Let me know if you have any of these in your routine and do you follow anything else? I’d love to know that!
Thank you so much for stopping by & I’ll see you soon!