15 Just Directioner Things!

1.No matter what time it is or in which lecture you are you’ll fangirl over them & cry.
                                                  Just admit it. Tumblr it all starts from you.

                    2. You have wrote their names on your Starbucks cup!

Just admit it I have done it millions of times. 🙂

3. Whenever you listen to their songs you’ll always say ‘SING IT’ no matter what it will always come out of your mouth.


holy jesus look at him. *Fangirls*

4. You’ll always remember the dates when they gave audition for X-Factor; when the band was formed,when they had their 1st show in Madison Square Garden and even their heights & their lengths 😉 


5. No matter how awesome your boyfriend is the lads will always be #1 for you.

6. Go to twitter, I’m pretty sure that there might be hastag related to 1D trending even at 2am. That’s directioner power. <3 


7. We’ll stalk their family,dog’s parents uncles and their grand mothers. Even we’ll tweet them millions of times to get their follow. 

8. You’ll always make your parents & grand parents to listen to their songs & try to bring them into directioner fandom.


9. Carrots, pizzas,guitar,spoon,cake & knock knock jokes will always have a place in our heart.


10.No matter how you are feeling whether you’re happy or sad you’ll always remember the lads & tweet them at least once saying that you love them.

                                   11.If you hurt the boys…… you are gone. RIP.


12.You have watched all the interviews till now & i’m sure you might know each & every word what they will say.

                                               13. Slay=Louis that’s all I can say.
Directioners are getting the thing of slayin because louis your genes are getting transferred to us.


                                    14.We are ready to break any record.

But some times half are asleep and half are daydreaming about having a pizza with Niall.

                                                                  *ME AF*


15.If other people laugh at you because you’re a DIRECTIONER……I don’t know who they are. They are just missing all the fun. God bless them that’s all I can say. 

Hope you enjoyed this post.It was different than my normal post.Thank you so much for reading and hope to see you here soon 🙂

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