16 Fashion Trends of 2016

Let’s take a recap of the Fashion Trends which took over social media & literally everyone was wearing them! Are you ready? Here we go:- 
1. Bodysuits.

Do I even have to say anything? They’re still my fav & I’ll continue to wear them even in 2017! What about you my friend?

How to style 1 Bodysuit in 6 Different ways! (click here)

2. Lace up

Source : @thriftsandthreads


Most casual way to style ruffles (click here)

4. Frayed Jeans

Source: @thriftsandthreads

You can DIY them! They’re so easy. Follow this video (click here)

5. Bomer Jackets

Okay, we all know they were HUGEE this year! I love them do you?

6. Fringe Jackets.

Get the look Kendall Jenner (click here)

7. Fur 

Source : @thriftsandthreads

From Fur Jackets to Fur Slides it was all in!

8. Off Shoulder

9. Embroidered Jackets.

Source : @thriftsandthreads
10.  Chocker Top 

11. Metallics

From Metallic sneakers, jacket, skirts to dresses!

View more photos from this dress (here)

12. Slip Dress.

The Slip Dress (click here)

13. Pleated Skirt

14. Varsity Jacket

Okay this one is my most fav trend of 2016!

How to rock the Varsity Jacket (click here)

15. Patched Skirts

How to Style the Patched Denim Skirt (click here)

16. T-shirt dresses.

The comfiest and cutest trend am I right ladies?

So which was your favorite trend? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by & I’ll see you next time!

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