18th Birthday Outfits!

It was my 18th Birthday yesterday! Whoop whoop! Finally 18! 🙂
It was a great day. I loved every second of it. 18 here in Mumbai is a huge thing. 
So as it was my 18th birthday I decided to show you my outfits. Yes I brought a lot of clothes for my birthday & at the end couldn’t decide which one to finalise. So I have paired 3 outfits which are latest and you can rock them at a party. I wore all the 3 outfits in a day at different time. Obviously. 
So here are my outfits which I brought & wore during the day!

I love stripes and I don’t mind if I have 80% of my clothes which are stripped! 
This was a long top from the back & cropped from front which was comfy. And the silver material was sheer so if you buy something like that then you gotta wear something inside it.

I paired it with a blue high waisted jeans. 
My watch is from Micheal Kors. Studded bracelet is from colaba. And the chained thing is actually a hairtie which I brought from colaba!
On my lips – Magenta Mind by Lakmae’s 9 to 5 collection.
I love the colour it’s bright pink & matte. 
Leather jacket is my LOVE! I absolutely love it. They add such a increadible look to a simple weather is a simple white top or a dress!
Finding Leather Jacket in Mumbai & specially wearing it is too difficult because they are expensive af and secondly the climate is way too hot to pull on a leather jacket.
But who cares! I brought one because I wanted since FOREVER!

I mean it! I was searching for a good leather jacket since 6 months and just 5 days before my birthday I found one! I was so happy it was just the way how I wanted. okay. Moving on to the further outfit.

Leather Jacket from Forever 21
Again Stripes. 
 Iced Boyfriend jeans 
I loved how it looked on me. And it would look perfect on you because of the stripes & leather jacket!
On my lips- Toffee Nexus by Lakmae’s 9 to 5 collection.
Necklace from Colaba.


Again leather! As you can see I have paired this simple white dress with leather jacket & a statement necklace!
It gives a fancy look!

My dress is from Forever 21
Necklace- Forever 21
On my lips- toffee nexus by lakmae 
I also paired them with black wedges as they were comfortable to walk with.

Watch from Micheal Kors

And that were my birthday outfits!
Hope you enjoyed it & i’ll see you next time with another post! 🙂
P.S- This post was gonna go early but I realised that 1D released Drag Me Down video on my birthday so I procrastinated and watched the video like a million times. I still can’t get over it. OMG.
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