2 Years of urvee.co.in!

It feels almost like yesterday when I hit publish on my very first post here.
Yes you read it right. It’s my 2 Year anniversary with my blog. On February 23rd 2014 I finally hit the  publish button and made this little platform.And that was not what I expected.  2 years here sitting across a screen and writing down about books, fashion,makeup,boybands it felt great. I’ve learnt so many things from html to designing and what the heck not. Obviously it is A LOT HARDER than what you see. Managing blog with studies becomes a lot harder than what you see. But still till now I’ve tried my best to do what I love. That’s the reason why I took a break from this blogging scenario. But that’s okay I don’t wanna force creativity.
 2 years ago when I first started my blog, I knew nothing and I remember it was just me and my dad who used to visit my website. And my brother use to pretend that he read my blog. And now there are people coming out from no where talking about my blog. That’s a good thing but sometimes it just gets weird.
 Thank you if you are reading my blogs from 2014 or have just started reading it. Thank you. And I assure you that you’ll visit this website frequently in summer. This was just a small little 2 year celebration. Hope you are having a wonderful day. I’m just gonna go and celebrate by watching PLL.
Even though I’m not into season 6B because A died and there’s no #HALEB which is not cool. I’m just watching it for Liam.

 I will see you next time with a *cough* new design. 😉 Until them BYE.
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