2015 Love List.

Usually people do a monthly love list where they mention things they’ve loved throughout the month but, I decided to on a yearly basis. Because why not? And it would be a great time to recollect memories from 2015. 

Basically Love list contains 10 questions about the things you’ve loved throughout the month/year. I have to think a lot because there were so many things I’ve loved this year and it was very hard to pick one! 
So let’s get started.
A show you’ve loved in 2015?

It’s definitely Pretty Little Liars. I love it so much.It just keeps me going. I’ve been very patient with this. The A reveal was definitely the most exciting part. But my reaction to A wasn’t quite shocking but I definitely felt like smashing Red Coat. And I don’t know why but I felt really sad for A. It just amazing. I started watching PLL in April and I watched all the seasons till date. And after the A reveal I’ve all the seasons again because I just love it. I’m very excited for fast forward 5 years which will air on 13th January. 
A picture you’ve loved of 2015?

I know it’s not a single pictures but all of the memories in this picture were so special. 
( Left side 1 st picture) My friend Sam took this picture during Diwali. We were sharing sweets and celebrating it. How ever you can see only 3 people, and I was so close to fall down because all were fighting to come in the picture. 
(Below that)
This was during 15th august, where I had a pre-birthday party with my closest friends. We went to a amazing lunch and while leaving the hotel we took it. It’s been a while since I haven’t meet them. 
I love it & I miss them.
(Below that) 
This picture was again during a party. It was my friends birthday party. It was very difficult to fit 9 girls in a photo. LOL. It was a fun time eating pizza and cake. 

(Right side 1st picture)
Oh my god I can never forget this day. We took it on the terrace. I remember we were having a mini photoshoot pulling funny faces and just having fun. 
(Below that)
This was way back in 2015, I think it was in early June. I visited my brothers place and then me, my brother, and my friends meet. They are my brothers friends but then I became friends with them and now we are best friends. 
(Below that) 
This was also during mid July. It was my grand fathers 82nd birthday. Me and my cousins were just hanging out and just taking time to relax and talk about ourselves. It was great.
Such small memories are so beautiful because you don’t get them very often. 
One person you loved in 2015?

Well I’ve loved more than one person in 2015. Obviously not relationship wise because I’m single. But by friendship perspective. There are so many people. There’s Nikita, Purvi, Sandhya, Pooja, Riya, Rishita, Divya, Shrushti, Mohanish, Sid, Riya,Yashvi, Avanti, Sanika.  It’s hard to pick. UGH. I know one person who was always there for me and was generally always there if I was sad or happy. It’s Honey. 🙂 I know she’s the only friend who read all of my posts and dealt with my crap talks. LOL. I’m grateful. That’s all I can say.
Favourite thing you wore this year?

THIS IS HARD. I own so many amazing things and it’s really hard to pick a absolute favourite. I’d probably say the red saree which I wore during Diwali. I’m not one of those people who would walk in a store and pick 5 sarees. I rarely like any and whilst I was in Banglore this saree caught my eye and I bought it. 

 Favourite thing I did this year?

This year I’ve pushed myself to be better, to do what makes me happy. I did what I wanted to do rather than what society said me to do. I stood out of my comfort zone and challenged myself to do the things which I’m scared to do. And that was satisfying, I’m so happy I did that. Also I cared less of what people think about me. I don’t want their opinions to shake my confidence or my plans. It was kinda hard at the start but now I’m used to it.

Favourite thing I ate this year?

Well I’ve ate a LOT of junk food and I have to recollect all the yummy memories. One of them was the Barbeque Chicken which me and my brother made during summer outside our farmhouse besides swimming pool. We also had a amazing chicken roast also a fish roast and vodka.  Incredible. Lovely. I’m so hungry now.

Favourite drink I had this year?

On the healthier side I would say the Litchi and aloe vera juice. It was incredible. And I also prefer a good large Mocha java chip with hazel nuts. GOD SO GOOD. I’m caffeine addict. Also the Christmas Cookie latte. PERFECTION. If you in the category of Party drinks then I would say Vodka. 
Favourite Occasion?

It would be my birthday. I’m the type of person who waits for my birthday 2 months prior to it. I just get way too excited. And this year it was my 18th Birthday so what’s better than that? Unfortunately I had my exams this year during my birthday which was awful. But I called my friends and cousins at my place. After my exams got over I just called them again and we had good food and drinks. The food was so yum. I’m hungry AF now help. But my birthday went awesome and I literally spent a good amount of money on my outfits and I’m not shameful of it. You get birthdays only once so just splurge.
I hate that my makeup was spoilt and MY RED VELVET CAKE was wasted. I hate him for that. 
You can see what I wore on my birthday –  click here
Favourite Song of 2015 

This is the hardest bit. I love listening songs and I do that every freaking time. 2015 was a huge year for music and there were so many amazing songs I’ve loved and I hear them all the time. Some of them are
Drag me down- One Direction
Revival- Selena Gomez
I’ll Show you- Justin Bieber
What do you mean- Justin Bieber
Love Yourself- Justin Bieber
Love you goodbye- One Direction
Hotline Bling- Drake
Hello- Adele
Stitches- Shawn Mendes
Love myself- Hailee Stanfiled 
Focus- Ariana Grande
PiaMia- Do it again
Confident- Demi loavto
WILD- Troye sivan
Youth- Troye Sivan
Fools- Troye Sivan
Well these are not few. But my absolute favourite of 2015 was Survivors by Selena Gomez. 
I genuinely love this song and the lyrics and everything about this is just so incredible. If you haven’t then do hear it.

Favourite thing you’ve used.

Fashion wise it would be my Kate spade bag. I love it to death. It’s incredible.
Gadgets wise I’d say my Macbook Pro. I know it’s expensive but it just does all the work which I want in minutes. It’s totally worth it and I definitely recommend if you’re a content creator. It would help you to edit videos, photos and stuff amazingly. Even if you’re a student it’s very very useful.

This was my 2015 Love list and I’ve love these to death and I will love all of it forever. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I do. Also I can’t assure you a day when I’ll post, instead I’ll be updating you guys on snapchat a day prior when I’ll post so make sure you add me on Snapchat. My snapchat is urvi20
I have amazing posts coming up soon this month. 🙂
I’ll see you next time <3

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