3 Years of my Blogging Journey

Hello! Can you imagine It’s been 3 years I’ve been typing my thoughts on here? Time flies by! It began from absolutely NOWHERE to a Small Business. It still feels surreal to me that at the age of 19 I have my own business. ( Not that Huge one but hey I’m making the effort. )

I remember reading Zoella’s blogs back in 2013 & I made the decision to start my own. Fast Forward to 3 years later I’ve made so many amazing friends in this blogging industry which I could have never imagined of. Trust me I hate networking & it helped me to get out of my comfort zone. That’s why they say “Good Things always come out of Comfort Zone” I can finally agree on that!

I’m very grateful to be sharing this platform with other talented people. There were ups & downs but hey that’s life. I’ve definitely learned A LOT more than I could ever imagine & I’m still learning.

Here are a few things I’ve learned and I’m so ready to learn more!

Quality over Quantity 
This is probably the most important thing I consider while creating content. I’ve stressed about this in previous posts and I still will say that Quality over Quantity anytime.
Growing my number from hundreds to thousands wasn’t my motive, still isn’t & it will never be.

Passion keeps everything going. 
There were times where I doubted everything but the love for creating content came from within and it kept me going!

Everything has its own Timing.

This does not belong only to blogging but also to life. We often compare ourselves to someone whom you feel is better. Oh she looks great, she’s having this or How did she achieve success that quick. I know how it feels. The comparison is your own Enemy. God has planned stuff for you, today may not be your day but who knows tomorrow you can exceed your own expectations! Whether its graduating, moving to another country, getting your own house, launching your business, getting into university, buying your own luxury car, getting married etc all have their own timings in your life.


I remember when I first started my Blog I was so over-confident about it. I felt like HELL YEAH I CAN DO ANYTHING. But No that confidence was brought down way too quickly. Also, I was 16 what else can you expect from an immature teen. Now that I’m 19 and a more matured I get the hang of it. I used to be so impatient about the numbers but now I’m just so chill about them.
 I can definitely tell that Patience is the Key Ingredient here. You can not be Famous Overnight, you can not become a millionaire overnight. Everything requires patience, hard work & dedication.

No matter what People are going to Talk.

This might offend people but In a Country like India, most of the people can not wrap their head around the thought of part-time of full-time blogging. And that’s okay people do find it as a funny profession, they will talk about you, tell you that you should get a proper job, that it’s a waste of time & money etc and I get it. But I can’t please everyone in this world so I’m doing my thing of creating content and they’ll do theirs which is Talk.

“Your actions will hold your future, not theirs” Remeber that!


Okay. I can talk about this forever. When I started 3 years ago  I didn’t know a smidgen bit about what the actual hell in the world is Domains, Hostings, Codings, HTML, Javascript, Newsletters, Media Kits, Affiliates, SEO, Photography equipment, KeyWords, Rankings basically everything you should know about Blogging. But obviously, you learn you grow. And DAMN today I can proudly say that I know about all of these topics. ( Not that I’m an expert and I know everything about it but I know to the extent where I can help others with the information ) All thanks to my amazing teachers!
 ( not really teachers but yeah teachers )
Melyssa Griffin, Kotryna Bass, Alex Tooby, Dana Fox, Paula, Brittany Xavier all because of you!
Seriously I’ve learned so many things and I don’t even know where to being talking about this. Before I started pursuing my Degree in Business Marketing I had my blog released, that somehow linked to me going for Marketing as my core subject and now when I get interviewed for my Internship this whole knowledge helps me to qualify! The amount of knowledge and experience I’ve received in this field is only because of them! I can’t thank them enough. You have to check them out. You’re welcome.

Motivate others.

My Lovely Victoria I’m very lucky to have her as my online friend. This might seem like OK LOL to you but she’s one of the most grounded persons I’ve come across and so hard working! We’ve been talking since a year & she legit inspires me to work hard every day. Thank YOU Vic!

Also, I meet so many incredible Bloggers & Creators who share amazing quality content. Without the creative squad Siddharth, Vicky, Sanika, Avanti, AakashAashi, Roshni, Riya and much more! I wouldn’t have been as motivated as I am today!

Thank you so much if you were here since Day 1 or Just stumbled across today, it means so much!
Thanks for stopping by & I’ll see you very soon!


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