5 Looks with Spring!

It’s almost summer on the other side of the earth. How exciting. I love summer and i’m quiet sad that summer is over here. That didn’t make any sense but you know what I mean. I was recently introduced to SPRING to show you some amazing looks you can wear during summer. These aren’t just summer based outfits, you can wear some of them even on a daily basis. 
I’ve gathered some pieces according to different occasions.

Just in case if you don’t know, SPRING is a place where you can buy amazing products from affordable, high-end & also luxury brands! The accessories store provides you over 850 brands to choose from! I mean that’s a HUGE variety. I was blown away by the dope accessories  which they have in their collection. Spring provides you to have a personal experience while shopping. What else can you ask for more? 
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Queen of Basics

This look is for those days where you don’t have anything special to do.

A good comfy off-shoulder top & denim goes hand in hand. Also pairing the right accessories will take the outfit to a whole new level. Here I’ve decided to pair a Ecote Off-The-Shoulder Blouse with simple Lakewood Ripped Skinny Boyfriend Jeans .
For shoes I went for these amazing fringed flats from FALLS  a little block heel won’t hurt you.
To accessorize your look, these amazing Rose Gold Aviators from Genuine people looks lovely.
Jewellery wise Double layered necklace looks so pretty and gives a delicate feel. For bracelets I went for this gold white one from Ted Baker You can wear one or just wear a stack of them.

Last but not the least keeping it simple with a Faux Leather Crossbody Bag from LA Hearts.

Moving on to the next look!

Beach Life, Beach Vibe

This outfit is perfect for the days if you’re enjoying by the beach. Body suits are so dope and so in trend right now.
As this outfit revolves around beach vibes I put some simple pieces together to make it look more comfortable.
The bodysuit is from Urban Outfitters  it has a beautiful caged back. For the denim shorts I went for High waisted cutoff denim shorts from Bullhead Denim .

For flats I went with these amazing slip ons by fuckjerry, Slip ons are easy to wear and you won’t end up zipping or lacing up which can be time consuming.

If you’re going on a beach obviously you’ll need a huge bag to carry stuff. Don’t worry I got you girl! This tote bag from Urban Outfitters can go so well plus you don’t have to worry about your stuff.

Wearing a hat can also prevent your hair from going crazy and it’ll be out of your face. The Trucker Hat from Vans is the best and it goes on really well.

You can never get bored of sunglasses so here I have these dope ones from FFREYRS EYEWEAR, these are celebrity inspired and look so chic.

Flattering florals
Having a photoshoot during summer is so fun! So if you’re planning to have a photoshoot then I got you covered! Lets be real we all love black and white but sometimes wearing floral or a pop of colour won’t harm you. So for this look I’ve tried my best to stick to pastel colours.

For photoshoot, specially for summer shoots these cute floral dresses look adorable. I found a cute high neck floral dress from Urban Outfitters. For heels I found these beautiful ones from Steve Madden so dope right? They have hints of pink as of the dress which colour co-ordinates.

I’m a sucker for bags and I love hand bags a lot, so I kinda searched the entire store to pair the perfect bag for this outfit. I found a pastel pink coloured bag from Rebecca Minkoff. OMG the colour is so freaking pretty, I’m not into pink at all but this colour is so feminine and it just looks so elegant. Definitely buying that.

For accessories, stack of rings will look so adorable. The Luv Aj  rings will look perfect.
On a high neck dress, small pendant necklaces will look good. This Bezel Crystal Pendant from Ann Taylor is so stunning and beautiful.

For sunglasses these round cat eye ones from FREYRS EYEWEAR looks gorgeous and it gives a gold look. I just LOVE a good pair of sunglasses.
Hairstyle wise, braiding your hair into a fishtail braid or a messy bun & accessorising it with this gorgeous Head band from WREN + GLORY will complete this look.

Glam it up

If you have occasions such as a summer wedding, a important event, your graduation party, or your birthday. This look is for you! Normally we tend to wear black when it comes to celebrations, this time I went for a subtle option. This looks outfit looks like you’ve made so much effort.

For a subtle look this embellished dress from French connection is absolutely beautiful. It gives a very rich feeling. For heels I’ve paired with same rose gold studded  high heels from Steve Madden. Even if you wear these 2 you’re sorted but accessories are girls best friends. The dress does have quiet embellished materials on it so I didn’t went too overboard on the necklace. 
The necklace here is Swarovski Cushion Cut Square Pendant Necklace by Jessica Eillot.
For the earrings these bronze gold coloured ones from Genuine people will add a bit more highlight. 
Bracelet is by Luv Aj and the Barrel ring is from Michael Kors.
For hair I styled it with a simple round metallic hair clip from Genuine people
And the amazing gold meshed clutch is by Nina
Wanderlust look.

This look is simple laid back but yet fashionable. If you’re planning to travel or just going out with friends & family then this look is the one. 
For this look I’ve opted for a Chocker ripped T-shirt dress from LA Hearts And I’ve layered it with a army green coloured bomer jacket from Urban Outfitters because layering is key! Keeping it comfy with a good pair of low top sneakers from Converse
For sunglasses I picked these retro round ones from FREYRS EYEWEAR. The cute hat is from Entree Lifestyle.  Last but never the least, the classic tan backpack is from Urban Outfitters.

Bonus round! 

As the accessory collection here is so dope I’ve decided to show you some of my absolute favs!
If you’re a avid reader of my blog then you’ll know that I’m a watch person. I love watches so much.
Here are my favs!

I prefer analog ones over any! I’d invest in a good watch rather than a really expensive clothing item or a pair of heels. Michael Kors watches are so so so beautiful. I own one from Michael but I literally have no idea where it it now 🙁 Definitely buying that for my birthday!

Buy Sliver Chronograph from Timex
Buy Rose gold chronograph watch from Michael Kors
Buy Chronograph watch from timex
Buy Goldtone Stainless Steel Chronograph Bracelet Watch
Buy Chronograph Bracelet Watch by Michael Kors
Find more watches here

These fur pom pom keychains are so in trend right now! You can buy those only for $7!!
Buy Black one here

Buy Pink one here
Click here to buy more keychains.

Sunglasses! They are a must have! I own like 20 pairs of sunglasses but still I want more. I just can’t get enough of those.

Retro Metal Cat Eye
Cornelia Cat eye sunglasses

Oversized Round Cat-Eye Sunglasses by Genuine People.
Retro heart shaped sunglasses
Bright Mirrored Sunglasses In Black by Genuine People
Buy more sunglasses here

So that is for this post. I hope you enjoyed it! I had so much fun styling these pieces for you guys and working with SPRING on this post. Do check them out. Also don’t forget to check their SALE section, there are so many amazing things you can get for much low price!
I hope you have a amazing weekend and see you soon. x


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