8 things I’m looking forward to do more in 2018…

8 things i'm looking forward to do in 2018

2017 went by so quickly! I did a video on my Youtube Channel, on how my 2017 was. But anyways I hope you’re having an amazing start to 2018. As you can see some new changes to my blog! I’ve finally made the jump to move completely to WordPress.org which I’ve been wanting to do for almost a year! And I can not wait to create more! Speaking of which, today I’ll be penning down 8 things which I look forward to do more of in 2018…

And I hope to carry those and practice those more throughout the year!


One of the things which I am so excited to do in 2018 is traveling, recently at the end of December, I got the opportunity to travel to Jaipur. I never really traveled much before but this time I really enjoyed it. And it made me learn things. Looking at the pretty places around the country and knowing what happened there just amazes me. Obviously, the blogger I am I love to take photos in such beautiful places and tell a story through them. Jaipur was definitely an amazing experience but I can not wait to travel there again as I didn’t really get the time to travel and really experience the beauty of it.
Fortunately, I’m having a few traveling plans fixed in 2018 which makes me feel so excited and see beautiful things in my country. Travel was something I never thought I’d like but now I’m craving it more. I can’t wait for the adventures ahead of me!

Reading is something which I loved back in 2014-15, but as social media grew and my blog grew I didn’t really have the time to sit and read. I also spoke about this on my Youtube channel, I had a phase in my life where all I did was reading and now I literally just don’t. I read only 3 books in 2017. Which makes me sad, but hopefully I’m gonna change the scenario this year. I expect to read at least 10-15 books this year. I feel like not reading in 1 sitting but at least taking time out of my day 10-20 mins to read a few chapters will be refreshing.  So let me know your picks and I’ll consider to read them 🙂

2017 was a huge realization of what I’m putting into my body and a sign that I should really take care of my health, so I’m still on my way to be as healthy as I can. There are times when I have to indulge in stuff or I have the choice to say no. But hey, take those baby steps and really look at what you’re putting in. I’m still on my way making minute changes every day as I can and I hope by the end of the year I’m a few steps ahead.

Being the content creator I am I’m in the zone of creating content every time of the day whether it’s traveling or I’m in a cafe I’m constantly looking at places and seeing around me where I can get good photos for my blog and my Instagram through which I can tell a story! One recent thing happened to me Jaipur haha! As Jaipur is known for its glory and the huge stunning jaw-dropping palaces, I went HAM on it! Literally, no jokes. I did my research on the places where I will be going and decided weeks in advance what type of photos will I take to my Blog and Instagram haha. Ikr that’s extra but I love it and yeah people were giving me looks on how I took those photos but hey blogger life haha. Anyways coming back to the point, this year I hope to create more content, and by that, I’ll try my absolute best to create quality content and bring my imagination to life. With all the traveling it can be done easily because I can find new places and create unique content.

Here writing for me is my blog, in 2017 I wanted to put more in-depth and lifestyle-related content but as you can tell I didn’t really write those as many as I wanted. This year ( i.e yesterday on January 1st ) I migrated my blog from Blogger to WordPress with newly advanced plugins and also mentioning the gorgeous website design. So now as I have everything in place and my blog is how I really want it I can go full in and start writing. I wasn’t really happy with my blog last year because of the website issues and stuff but now that I’ve completely migrated to WordPress.org this is going to open so many opportunities for me. And as I’ve mentioned in my 50 Facts about me video, I loved writing and I wanted to be a writer when I grew up so that’s what I want to do more. And as of this year, you’ll receive blog posts from me every Wednesday on this website and videos on every Saturday.

Work Harder. It says it all. Last year I not only worked hard but I realized the true meaning of working hard and going after what you want. Garyvee always says “There’s no quick cure the hard work matters” This is something that has engraved into my mind and every day I feel excited to work my ass off every single day so I can achieve whatever I can. And I genuinely agree with it, I feel like nothing beats hard work and the more you work hard the more you’ll get and it always gets paid off! I can go on and on about this topic but I’ll keep it here for today or else it’ll be a long ass blog post haha! Let me know if you want a separate blog post on this topic or what Garyvee has taught me!

My friend Rebecca from the blog From Roses said it right that you never find work-life balance, which is something which is so true. I feel like one day I’m completely into work another day I’m not. However last year I’ve felt that I haven’t had the time to sit back and relax and take time out for myself. I was a complete freak to binge read and watch videos of my favorite bloggers & vloggers, but I got too busy. And it’s been so long that I haven’t got the time to escape from my work and relax a little bit. There were times where my mum had to force me to stop working. So my goal for this year will be working harder than I did but also keeping my mental health into consideration and having that sort of balance or even just taking time out of my day to do something that makes me forget about everything.

If you know me you know that I’m a firm believer in the Universe, it has done wonders to me. And I can really see the difference in my life. This year I want to be more in tune with myself and doing the things which will make me happy and actually be doing something that my heart desires. Garyvee said once “It is a gift to wake up in the morning and to be able to do something you want for the rest of your life.”
This year will be of more doing what truly matters to me and no negativity and allowing only positive things in my life.


So those were the 8 things which I look forward to doing in 2018, let me know which things are you planning to do in 2018 and your thoughts on them! Thank you so much for spending your time here and I’ll see you soon xx