A Work In Progress by Connor Franta.

As you all are aware about the fact that the Internet sensation Connor Franta released a book in April named ‘A Work In Progress’. To be completely honest I completed that book within 24 hours.
It’s not just the thing of completing it in a day; it was about the content which made me read more. It was the hard work & the creativity seen in the book. Moving on this is not a review. And I’m not at all capable to review Connor’s book. I’m just going to write the things which I loved across the book. And I definitely recommend you guys to read it. 

The childhood memories are written down so beautifully. And I felt like I was with him. (*gets excited*) The good old days felt incredible. It was all so cute & worth inspiring. The memoir was just beyond inspiring. I legit loved each and every chapter in it.The photography was on point. All the pictures were so creative. You made me laugh, you made me cry. It was just all emotions in one. We can learn so many things from it. The chapters which moved my mind were ‘The fault in our scars’, ’Flawful’,’Numb to Numbers’, ‘Problem with labels’, ‘Long road to me’, ‘Life doesn’t wait’. It will change your view to look towards things. I just can’t say more because I don’t want to give spoilers to you. But here are 5 of my most favorite lines from the book.

I am beyond amazed and inspired by the book. His journey taught me so many things. I’m thankful to Connor for writing this beautiful book and inspiring each one of us. Thank you for teaching me so many things.  All I can say is today what I am is because of you Con.
A small inspiration I can give you through this book is You are perfect with all your flaws. If you have the passion you can do anything you want. Don’t think what others think of you. Everything in life gets better even if you feel nothing is going great. You are different from all the 7 billion people in the world. Life is not going to wait for you so do what you love & love what you do.

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