Beyond the Veil

 “A woman is unstoppable” Yes she definitely is. I received this book “Beyond the Veil” by  Siddhi herself & I was really intrigued by reading the summary.

I don’t want to spoil it for you all so I’m gonna mention few things briefly. This is a Story about an Indian Girl Janhvi who gets married to Ram. ( typical arrange marriage you see ) Slowly the whole story unfolds & we can see the truth or you can say what really happens ( family, thoughts, work, money etc ) 
It’s written as a form of Journaling or Diary, which makes you feel like you’re there reading it or listing to her talking about her life.

It does touch on serious topics which should be taken into consideration by our society. There were moments while I was reading I was angry, I felt sad, I felt like running over a car over some of the characters. It really opens your eyes towards what’s the reality. And certain things should be taken into consideration. Not only women but men do suffer from various issues, you will come to know about them if you’d read this book.

As we’re teenagers we’d know what the modern world thinks but there are a few obnoxious & orthodox beliefs still here in our society. Not all of us think the same but there are still people with those stupid, cruel thinking. Unfortunately, they still exist and this book will help to lessen the stupid thoughts and spread awareness on what’s right. This story beautifully explained how women should stand for herself & her family or in general for any other women going through a tough time. Every Indian woman will love it, chances are you might agree with everything or a few things but that’s one’s point of view.

You’ll definitely love this book if you’re upfront with your thoughts. I read it in 1 sitting, almost finished it within 4 hours. I couldn’t keep it down & I loved each & every bit of it. click here to buy the book

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