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 Sprinkle of glitter aka Louise Pentland is a successful Blogger & Youtuber. Her blog is  so beautiful but the one which completely stands out is the REFLECTIVE  MONDAY series. There are various topics which most of the teenagers lack through. You can find about it here.

The Reflective Monday Series consist of topics/problems such as Letting Go, Courage, Fresh Start, Goals,Honesty,Good in Bad,Behavior,Gratitude,Inadequacy,Irony.

              I can not tell how much I absolutely loved her Reflective Monday blog. It is just Wonderful.It can literally boost up your confidence so freaking much.And also it teaches us various ethics I guess. Thank you so much Louise. 

Just like every teenager goes through anxiety,panic attacks,low self esteem, feeling drained,bullying,hate etc. No you’re not alone. We are not alone.

“If your life isn’t going the way you wanted to; if you aren’t pursuing doing what you want to pursue.If you wake up with immediate dread constantly sadden by hours ahead moving through the days lost, harden & haste holding back what you wanna say, waiting for yourself to be another day?All your dreams & desires are put on hold which will be fulfilled maybe when you’re old.You aren’t doing it right.You aren’t living your life. Eventually is not okay. Why Tomorrow when there is Today.” – Connor Franta


  “I just don’t want anybody to feel worthless because they know how it feels” – Adelaine Morin



“The pressure we face in life can be immense everywhere we go, we are told How to look, How to Act,How you have to be.But we have a choice.You have a CHOICE.” –                             Michelle Phan.

“I know what it like to be judged & to be put down.I know what its like other people forming opinions about you without even knowing you.Trying to dim your light.Every rude comment you get, every person which tries to hurt you personally or through Internet, forgive them.Just forgive them.Do not limit yourself because of what others expect.We all deserve more than we think”
                                                                       -Selena Gomez.

Don’t hold anger what ever you are gonna achieve is gonna be incredible. No more insecurities because you are gonna rock it.You are beautiful.Stay Positive like a proton. It’s all about who you are and you have the power to change everything.Just Like I earlier said Make Confidence -The must have accessory. Next week there will be a new post about Best of 2014 #Music. Yay! I can not wait.
                                                            Thank you so much 🙂   

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