Birthday Wishlist

SOOOO, Everybody has a huge wish list & even an extra long ones when it comes to your birthday month. So here are a lot of things which I’d love to buy and also products mentioned in this blog post are very trendy currently & their cost is literally 1/4th of the actual luxury item.
Let me know If you love any of these? And If you’re planning to gift me any of these then feel free to gift me LOL.

I apologize for a number of clothes one might need, there’s no such thing called TOO MUCH when it comes to buying clothes right?

click to buy here  here & here 
here here & here
here here & here 
here here & here
here & here 
Snap pants are so in trend now & also it’s something so different from normal boring pants. 
Also the red lace dress! SO Self Portrait! I’m definitely going to get that! 

click to buy here here here 
click to buy here here here 
What can we talk about these shoes? So dope. They’re literally for a fraction of the price.  
Both the rings are for Rs 390.   
Click to buy here & here 
I’ve seen Dior creating these, the minute I saw it Victoria Magrath & Tamara Klanic wearing them I knew I wanted them! My style reflects theirs to a certain extent and I can totally imagine myself wearing those with a feminine outfit. All the earrings are below Rs 400. Which is such a good deal because you’re getting it for a fraction of its price. 
click to buy earrings here here & here 
Chokers are my Fav thing especially when they’re studded they’re on top of my wishlist. Also, can we talk about the moon layered necklace! I can’t wait to wear it! 
click to buy chokers here here & here 

click to buy here here & here 
I’ve seen so many luxury brands creating such gorgeous headbands but Shein does it better because all the headbands are under 500 Rs & the 3rd one Gucci Look like! 

click to buy sunglasses here here here & here 

click to buy bags here here here 
click to buy bags here & here
No can ever have many handbags.  Right? Look at these! LEGIT Heaven!
So these were some of the things ( lol I know they are a little bit too much but If you see my actual wish list you’d laugh at me lol ) I hope you’ve received some inspiration & hope it Inspired to buy something.
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