Blogging Boggles.

Ladies, I’m gonna spill the tea here. As much as I love blogging there are a few things which I don’t generally like. So here they are. I’ve also collaborated with my lovely friend Dhanshree, she has also written few more stuff about how blogging can be amazing as well as frustrating at times! It’s not as glamours how it usually looks!

1) Shooting for Collabs 
You know when it comes to shooting I totally feel like a celeb. Like there are so many people with me. And the number of stares I’ve received by random men across the street literally makes me want to go and thank them. Also, can we talk about the lovely weather, so sunny and breezy that all of my makeup and hair stays in place like it doesn’t even move after I go and get started to shoot? 

2. Can we talk about Collabs for a second? 

You know bloggers receive Collabs by brands. People or the audience get so excited by seeing the word Collab or #Ad in the blog post that they just comment so many great things in the comments! Makes me so happy! And what should I tell you about the things which we receive in return? I can totally buy a new car from that money. ( a toy car)

3. Storage

You know storage is a great obstacle. I own a mansion and I have a closet bigger than Kylie Jenner so there are no problems to store a million piece of clothing.

4. Being Trendy. 
You know we bloggers have to be trendy. There is time where we just have to look at a computer screen for hours and hours which makes our eyes go weak & breaks our backs but that’s in trend right? Trying to make yourself fit the trend can be so easy. Just a few days of research and then implanting that. 

5. Comparison. 

Oh my god. Can you guess the time I’ve been compared to another blogger? Now 2 seconds ago. There’s this weird thing about the comparison, it makes you feel so giggly and enthusiastic that you might end you breaking stuff in your house or breaking your own bones! Great! Bed rest for days! Netflix and chill for weeks imagine! It puts me in such a positive mood that I forget everything about the world but just that! Also, Ive felt so confident after judging me by looking at others IG  *slow claps* 

Those were some of the things which I go through every day. Click here to read Dhanshree’s Post

I’ll write a few points so that you can get a gist of her post. 

You start with this huge announcement- 3 posts a week!! Make sure to subscribe!! Like gurl, you can’t paint three nails right you really think you can write three whole posts without sounding chipped, lumpy and lacking all sense of consistency?
2) Formatting
It needs to look nice. Unlike every other draft. Exhibit A-DRAFT: you can’t paint three nails tight you rly think you can fucking type three pists bitch betyer have my money!!!
FINAL DRAFT: ” can’t paint three nails right you really think you can write three whole posts..”

That was it for today! I hope you’ve enjoyed it 🙂 And i’ll see you soon! 

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