Blogging Equipments!

Today I’m gonna share the equipments which I use to blog. Which make your life a whole lot of easier. 

You obviously need a wifi connection, without that it’s impossible. 
You obviously need a laptop, any one can work, make sure it’s fast & responds easily because I used to own a acer one which was a piece of crap but now that I’m upgraded to macbook pro it does my work in seconds.
Dell provides amazing laptops so do check them out.
Blog photography is the KEY. If your photos are dope your blog will be attracted to more and more people.
It doesn’t mean you should have typical professional DSLR such as 5D mark or 70D but a simple 1100D can go.
I have the 1200D which I bought last year. It does a pretty amazing job. Also if you are a expert in photography then this will be very easy for you. I love canon cameras because I think that they are professional & does all the amazing magic. 1200D comes with 2 lenses one with 15-55mm lens which captures photos to a certain distance. But if you want to take a photo of a bird sitting on a tree or any object far away then the 55-250 mm lens works the best. The telezoom lens works amazing. 
I’m gonna attach some pictures which I took from the 15-55mm as well as the 55-250mm lens.

used 55-250mm took from the opposite side of pagoda from my brother’s balcony.

 used 15-55mm lens 

15-55mm lens now I’m hungry.

15-55mm with maximum zoom 

 55-250mm with half zoom 

both the pictures with 55-250mm with maximum zoom.
They give a amazing quality and recently I purchased a inverse lens thing. I’m still learning to take photos from it so I’ll write about that soon. After your amazing photos you need to edit them. Editing them makes it look a bit bold and adds definition to it. You can edit pictures on Photoshop, Photoscape, Pic Monkey etc etc on your laptop. 
I normally use Photoshop but i’m not that advanced in it so I keep it simple with my trustee VSCO Cam.
VSCO Cam is an iPhone as well as an android app. It provides with amazing filters, some are for free but you need to buy some. I’m not about the filters at all, I hardly use any filter, I just go and just play with the Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Skin tone. And that’s it. I don’t love the nasty filters which ruin my photography also I don’t sharpen them because I think they look very crisp and I generally prefer soft ones. 

Lighting is also a important thing as your photographs are completely dependent on it. You can go with the lightings which you get online on amazon. They might cost you upto 5000 if you’re looking for cheap ones. And I normally go with the natural lighting, pictures come great at morning 10am and then at 4pm. 12pm and 3pm are the rough timings the sun is very strong and the photos might come harsh. 
You don’t have to buy a iPhone 6 for photography a simple phone with 13MP can work. Mine is just One plus one the camera does a amazing job and the internal is 64GB which saved my life. 
That were the equipments I use generally to blog and obviously a basic version can go a long time. Don’t just upgrade to the most updated version. Keep it simple play with photos, learn how to take them, there are so many tutorials on youtube on how to take photos via a DSLR, a small digital camera or just a phone camera. 
That was it & I’ll see you soon! 
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