Casual Vibes.


As its monsoon in Mumbai, but it never feels like monsoon.I decided to show you my casual look.
Which I tend to wear occasionally. Everyday I have to get up at 5 in the morning for  my college and rush. Every morning I look like a creep because obviously I’m sleepy af and secondly I don’t have time to do my eye liner & stuff at 6 am. This Sunday I wore this look & decided to show you to outcome of it.

I am wearing a simple white top which is my go to favorite tops at the moment.I bought that top from a shop in Malad West.The quality feels so amazing and it’s comfy as well.To add a bit of statement to my look I added this layered necklace which is from Forever 21. For a little pop of color I took my favorite bag which is from Colaba. It was for 300 rs after bargaining. I absolutely adore the color of the bag. Its peach. Also the reflective aviators are from Colaba. For my jeans its again from the same shop as the top. Its fit perfectly & has ice blue color. For my footwear I kept it simple by wearing flats because it was hot. LOL. They are super comfy to walk on and also they are nude.

And finally I have my favorite watch which is from Micheal Kors.



           That was the finished look! It wasn’t too fancy just keeping it comfy as possible. Hope you get any ideas related to this look. And I loved doing such creative things. Also I’m working on beauty & makeup related things currently which might come soon. Do keep a eye on that & I’m gonna start writing #ShopTheLook again. The reason why I stopped writing them is because of my laptop I don’t know why it’s acting so drunk that I just can’t complete any task on it.

 Aren’t aware of what #ShopTheLook? Basically I just take pictures of celebrities & try to find the similar outfits at a cheaper rate! View my first #ShopTheLook here.
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