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How often have we felt irritated and angry at the honkings in our city? It’s not a new thing and people living in the metropolitan cities feel its normal. Every time when we read the newspaper we can see at least 1 news of some accident on road or perhaps I can say, every day when I travel I see someone falling off the bike or two men fighting and honking at each other in anger. Researches say that over 1.2 million people die by road accidents and 50 million get injured. Accidents do take place daily and that’s the thing Maha Walkathon has shed light too.

Recently on November 18, 2018, 500,000+ participants over 500 locations in Maharashtra participated in a Walk to raise awareness about Road Safety, Responsible Driving & No Honking. It was an excellent initiative taken by PWD, MMVD, Government of Maharashtra, CASI Global & CSR Diary to help save the lives of people and live in a peaceful environment.  Everyone from the age group of 5-80 participated in order to bring awareness to responsible driving. It was so great to see support from schools, colleges, NGO’s like Rotary & Lions coming ahead for the walk. Mahawalkathon has also received a huge support from Mumbai Police, Maharashtra Police, Fire Brigade Staff, Post Office Staff & more!

With over 500,000+ participants the Mahawalkathon has become India’s largest events in the first year itself. With such a positive response throughout the state, the walkathon received so much appreciation over 30+ newspapers. And their target for next year is to receive 10,00,000+ participants supporting the cause.

With the constant increase in vehicles in the cities and accidents taking place daily, this was truly a heartwarming initiative taken by the government for bettering our lives. And taking a step towards a more positive and uplifting approach for Road safety, Responsible Driving & No Honking.

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