Channel boy bag dupe you need to buy!

The channel boy bag is a girl’s dream accessory. But it can be pricy and will cost you a hole.  You already have to save so much if you want to buy the boy bag.

However if you are planning to buy the bag it’s necessary to make small investments in such similar looking pieces, you can get a overall experience.
And after using the twin version you can make your decision weather you want to buy the luxurious bag or not. Rather than buying the $1000 dollar bag and not loving it as much as you expected.

I found this bag in forever 21 and I was blown away by how similar it looked to the boy bag! Just the logo on the front is missing rest all is so similar the the original bag.
I paired it with a navy blue mesh shirt and a tan skirt from forever 21. The flats & sunglasses are from Colaba.  And just to add a statement to my outfit I wore this beautiful statement necklace from colba as well.
You can literally pair this with even minimalistic outfit such as a plain grey tee with black skinny jeans, a good pair of ankle boots, this bag & you’re good to go.
So simple yet so stunning. All of these things are in your wardrobe.

I’m pretty sure you can find this bag still in forever but if you couldn’t find one then here are some of the links where you can buy for a good price.

This is the most similar I could find which is from

Slightly similar also on

If you fancy the classic flap bag then shein also has similar ones in 3 different colours.

click here to buy the pink one.

click here to buy the black bag.

click here to have a look the the yellow one.
Yes Shein does provide free international shipping so go ahead and have a look at the amazing things. Also you can get 40% off on your first order.

That was it for today! All the products will be mentioned in the SHOP section of my website. I hope you had a lovely day & I’ll see you next weekend with another fashion related post! 🙂 Till then keep smiling.

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