Circle Of Life By BlingLane

“Every piece of jewelry tells a story”

I’m a firm believer of the Law Of Attraction, it’s give and take with the Universe. You get what you give, you put out to the world. If you give positivity you’ll get positive things in return, but if you give negative thoughts or actions you’ll receive the same! It’s giving and take you see? It all goes round and round.
I was never really a heavy jewelry person, most of my life I loved wearing delicate, dainty pieces which suited me & added a shine of confidence. On an everyday basis, I always go for the simplest jewelry. 

I received this amazing necklace from Blinglane, it’s a rose gold round pendant.  The name of this necklace is “Circle of Life” click here to buy   I love anything which is Gold, rose gold & black obviously! I haven’t stopped wearing it since the day I’ve received it! I received it in late March & let me tell you; it still looks the same as it was on the day I received it! The quality is very nice & all the diamonds in the circle are still in place! 

Blinglane also sell other accessories as well from earrings, cuffs, bracelets and so much more! I’ve been eyeing a solitaire necklace to buy for so long! Can you guess the price of this? It was for Rs 543! 

You might be thinking what’s the similarity between Law of Attraction and this Circle of Life necklace?
 Do you recognize something? The name? 
Circle of Life is nothing but we have to accept the fact that everything in this world goes around; karma, of manifestation thoughts, deeds everything! My level of spirituality, manifestation has increased over 50% from March. This necklace for me is a reminder to trust the higher power,  give away good thoughts & always be positive and vibrate beautiful thoughts! To keep me reminded to constantly be good because if you do good things you’ll get good things. 
I don’t know how all that happened but that subconsciously happened! 

I’m sorry you’re just sitting there like what is she talking about? Or you’re not that higher on the level of spirituality or don’t like it, I completely agree. screw that.
    Are you planning to buy jewellery now? I think you definitely should! I can’t wait to get my hands on few more of those ! Don’t forget to check BlingLane out they always have amazing discounts & sales. Also everything is so trendy, most importantly it’s in budget! 
What are you waiting for? 
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