Confidence-The must have accessory


Last week #ZoellaAnxiety was trending worldwide on twitter! 
Basically if you don’t know what’s that then …it’s a video based on Q & A related to anxiety. (Links at the end) 
I tweeted some of the issues which i face during anxiety. But i don’t feel it in a massive amount. 
When i started reading all the tweets which were tweeted to #zoellaanxiety it just made me feel sad. 
There were so many who were suffering with anxiety so badly that they were even trying to wash up with their life! That’s quiet depressing. Some of them were so afraid to go out with friends or to go somewhere else. 
I know having anxiety and major panic attacks lead to sadness and obviously it leads to negativity all around! 
Over coming anxiety is not easy you’ll always try to run away from it. 
I just want you to take this post positively and feel that i’m gonna do much as i can. 
We always compare our lives with fictional stories because we think that they are more great than the real one! Just as the same we always think fictional means we always think the things which are not gonna happen. After thinking all the worst things could happen  it just completely ruins your day. 
All i’ll say is think positive if something is getting you down try to fight with it and believe that you are the one.
There are loads of you who feel sad about yourself and feel like you can’t do things.You don’t look great.Everyone makes fun of you. I just want to make you feel that you’re not alone.You are beautiful! yes the one who is reading this.
Please do feel happy because you’re hard working remember that someone loves you it maybe your friends or family.
Being unhappy is waste of time.
You smiled at someone today and made their day.
You’re stronger than you ever believed!
Somewhere you have inspired people by Your own way.
Please be confident and make the best of it.
                                                                “Confidence the must have accessory”  
“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect it means you’ve decided to look beyond imperfection”                                             

Last but not the least “BE YOU” 

Over coming anxiety isn’t easy but we may try and let’s help each other! 

We all are different in our own way. Try much as you can to live positive and the best life ever. In fact “Be the best version of you.” No matter how hard your time was; how hard scared you are,no matter how hard you fall you’ll get up! 

You are perfect with all the imperfections.Because you are worth it. You can inspire many lives.You will boost up confidence. You can do whatever you want. You have to live as happy as you can because YOLO.

Remember that you are amazing. If you’re feeling low then please do check out amazing inspiration videos

by Zoella- JUST SAY YES
by Bethany Mota- CONFIDENCEThese are the most amazing videos ever!
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Thank you so much. I love you. 🙂