DITCH Jeans & wear these Instead!


I was always a jeans girl but recently I’ve really enjoyed wearing jeans. I used to wear skinny jeans and they used to make me feel very uncomfortable and itchy. So as you can see there are various types of Pants trending currently and we can see a lot of variety available to us right now. I have been wearing snap pants, slit pants, and drawstring pants for a few months now and let me tell you that I’m obsessed. It’s like I have forgotten wearing jeans and now I wear only these pants with tops and blouses!

They are literally so easy to style! I love to wear basic graphic tees over these and accessories it with bags, jewelry etc!  I love comfortable they make me feel and plus points because they look so great! I am also going to make another blog post on fancy jeans which are not like the regular jeans! So keep an eye on that.

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