DIY Tumblr Board

I made this amazing inspirational Tumblr board months ago and everyone loved it! It’s pretty self explanatory on how you can make these but I’m making your life more easier by sharing the images which i’ve used.

The board I’ve used is the small black board/ green board. I had this board since i was 7 or 8 not too sure but yeah since primary school. It was of no use because I hardly used it so I decided to give it a makeover!
All I did was stuck images which inspired me or the images which I really loved. First I used the double gum tape but that turned out a total mess! Then for the other half images I used regular normal tape.

Now to make your life more easier you can find all these images on my Pinterest
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I have various pin boards. You’ll find amazing fashion pins, wallpapers, summer, tumblr boards!
So go ahead and download those and get going with your inspirational board!

Also go ahead and download cool pictures from my tumblr which is

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