Dream BIG.

Today I dare you to Dream BIG.

It usually turns me off if some one doesn’t have a dream in their life.
I usually don’t like if people who don’t want to accomplish anything in their life. I mean why. You get a life and all you do is waste your parents money. Depend on someone else to stand on your feet.
Dreams give you a feeling of doing something. It gives adrenaline to get out of your bed and be productive through out the day.  And when you accomplish your dream, the feeling which you get is unbelievable. I know I might sound very poetic or like a philosopher but it’s just a amazing feeling.
I don’t even have time in my life, I have so much to accomplish and I want you to dream BIG. 
I want to have your opinion and do things which YOU DREAM TO DO. 
I know this world is crazy and full of bullshit people but eventually they are a problem in front of your path to success.
Hope you had a great day & Good luck! 🙂
Sorry for this short post because I was very busy and it’s my mom’s 50th birthday 🙂
I’ll come up with a new idea tomorrow 🙂