Face Down

Face Down is one of the most inspiring story I’ve ever read. It’s written very attractively by Bel Watson. She is very well known for her fan fictions on wattpad. Plus she writes lot more interesting stuff.
The names in story are not specified because you anyone of you can be into this situation.
She was inspired by the song Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
Face down received 487k reads plus 18k votes. It is a short story which you can just finish it in one read.

Face Down is a short story based on a girl who is trapped into a abusive relationship. The girl is trapped into a abusive relationship. She suffers a lot because her boyfriend is cruel,jealous. She is lost in her own world crying. Having no friends. Her boyfriend abuses her. Beats her! She is trapped so badly. She needs to get out of it as possible.She a normal girl. She deserved to be happy.It wasn’t easy for her to get out of it because she was so involved in him. She had her OWN DREAMS. Which were declining.

We all are normal.We aren’t perfect. People should learn to understand the person’s feelings. If you know someone who is trapped into  ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP with VIOLENCE please help him/her.It’s really important to help others.You may never know where will things take you.
Spread awareness against it and try to send positive message through the story.
Please do read  FACE DOWN to know what happen’s next. It’s written perfectly by Bel. Don’t forget to check her fan fictions. I definitely recommend you to read it. Awesome job!  click here to read the story.
Also vote by supporting against Abusive relationships.
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Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/BelWatsonBooks
Tumblr- http://belwatson.tumblr.com/
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