Falling for the Badboy

Hello everyone! 
So the next book/novel/story which I read on Wattpad was 
falling for the Bad boy 
the title is very catchy. Off course it has to be Romance and Humor. The title itself says about the story or just gives you slight hint about it.
Its quiet famous gaining 2 million reads! 
That’s so amazing having 2 million people reading your story! Just wow! 
Plus the story received 22,000 votes and 3000 comments! 

It contains 42 chapters which seems quiet long but as you start reading it you’ll just dive deeper into the story. I promise. It’s all about a teenage girl named Angie who shifts to his cousin’s place after her parent’s death. And then……she finds a bad boy. Obvious with great looks and attitude. 
The story took lots of twist & turns as you’ll read further. It sometimes made me feel angry and sometimes made me feel sad for her. 
And it gave me heart attack every time! 
It’s just perfect “Teen Fiction” where heart breaks, breaks ups, fights, pissing others, being with friends and lots other memories….

It obviously a happy ending story where everything settles and some cute stuff involved in there. I don’t want to ruin the suspense of the story so you might go and read it. Also the second part of this story is “The Ugly Duckling” which isn’t completed yet but you’ll get updates. Don’t worry. 
The Ugly duckling was published 10 days ago. In 10 days it received 7000 reads.

By far great story. Hoping to read more from you Ash. Don’t forget to read “Falling for the bad boy” 
(this is the link.) Plus don’t forget to follow Ash right here 
do read ‘Falling for the bad boy’ and then proceed to the Ugly Duckling.

Time for me to get into another story!