Favourite Kendall Jenner Looks

Yay! Double post today! As it’s Kendall Jenner’s birthday today, I decided to post my favourite outfits  of Kendall Jenner. Probably when she looked so amazing pairing white on whites or green on green. 
Do let me know in the comments about which one was your favourite Kendall Jenner outfit!

Which one was your favourite? 
I love the H&M X Balmain one so much. 
Here are some of the similar products which kendall wore for less price:
Red Lipstick- Passion
Nude strappy heels
Leopard print strap heels
Puma shoes
Adidas Sky blue running shoes
Distressed Denims
Denim Jumpsuit
Grey pointed high heels
Platform boots
Adidas Originals
Sports bra
Black cross body bag
Black structured bag
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