We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our paths for a reason.

19 years of me existing on this planet, I’ve made so many amazing friends.
I remember my first friend ever was Rishika,  we literally had so many fights like OMG I just can’t even think how many times we’ve fought and used to cry. We used to fight every single month I guess. Good times! And I still to date talk with her and we are good friends! 🙂

Since then I’ve made amazing friends and I’m so grateful.

Arpitaaaaa I miss how we used to play in our building lol haha and talking about random stuff and eating chicken XD 
Here are some of the pictures from 2013 & 2014. So don’t laugh and carry on watching.

Dishaaaaa I know we haven’t met since years now but I miss your talks and all the baad baad hehe 😛

CHUMMYYYYY my best bae <3 You’ve always had my back and I love you 🙂
10 years of friendship and still strong <3

BROOO what should I speak about you! I wish we were friends in school hehe. I never imagined us to be friends but look at us now! Best baes 🙂

Riyaaaa, you’re such a cutie and I’m so happy that I meet you through Honey.  Always motivating me and helping me 🙂

Shreyuuu I miss you! I love your giggles and stupid jokes. It never felt like we’re friends from 5 years! Meet soon babe x

Poo you’re one of my oldest friends, we’ve been friends for over 10 years now! That’s insane. Time flies by so quickly 🙂 Thank you so much for being by my side always and talking stupid stuff all the time which doesn’t make any sense. Always eating my gummy bears. Stupid.

Purviiiiiiii….. You’re the best. I miss your fangirl talks and bookish knowledge. And all those stupid talks about weird things you know what I mean 😉

NIKITAAAA! I miss you so much <3 
Your scolding was enough for me haha!  I miss our squad’s talks and all the gossip, fun, going out to eat  XD

Dollar <3 I don’t know why we weren’t friends in school. You’re so so so amazing and you know that.  Miss you come back soon so we can hang out (: 

Sam! Ah my partner in crime, nautanki! hehe Always so fun and helps me through everything. Never going to forget the 1st fictional story which we wrote together! Still have that 😛

Rishitaaaaa, ugh I hate that we meet only twice or once in a year. Your talks and impersonations are always the best. Thanks dukki for being there with me and giving my gyaan about life lessons! haha

Aksha you’re always there to help me and give advice :* also gossiping 😛 My brother is so lucky 😉

Devanshiiii, Your company never felt lonely. You’ve always helped me:)
Some people find their way back.

New friends <3  I can imagine shrushti saying what are you writing 😛 
I love them. 
Check yo whatsapp girls 😛

P.S- I wish I had my data back so I could have uploaded a dozen of all yours ugly pictures! Haha never mind 🙂 I haven’t forgot you Avanti, Sanika,Sailee, Ankit, Sid. 
I’m so happy to have everyone in my life and you all make my life better real quick.
Happy Friendship day! Hope you have a lovely one 🙂