Get the Look #2 – Kylie Jenner

I’m a Tumblr addict.And scrolling through my feed I found these flawless images of Kylie. So I decided to do a Get the look. And yes they are coming back!

So let’s get started.

This such a comfy look. Not too much going on. 
On Kylie.
She wore a Neiman Marcus Jeans which was for 13,385 INR  (210 Dollars)
I didn’t found out the exact brand from where the top is.
Shoes were from Nike which are for 5,000 INR (78 Dollars)
and obviously her Cartier Bracelet which is for 454,286 INR (7127 Dollars)
Her watch is from Rolex Watch which is for 1274,430 INR (19,995 Dollars)
Whole outfit costs 1,747,043 INR (27,410 Dollars)
well that’s a lot…
so here are some of my picks by which you can get it for much cheaper rate!
Top- ASOS which is for 2103 INR (33$ Dollars) you get 2 one in white & other one in black! 
If you stay in Mumbai or Delhi then you might get the top for much more cheaper price. Also you can get in Reliance Trends for 299.
Jeans- which is for 2804 INR (44 Dollars)
Shoes- Nike which are for 5,000 INR (78 Dollars)
Watch- Daniel Klein which for 3080 INR (48 Dollars) 
I really loved the watch it’s super cheap & I am going to buy it ASAP! Whole outfit cost
 (203 Dollars) which is kinda cool! If you don’t wanna but the whole outfit maybe you can just buy the shoes because they are so sporty & comfy.
Also the watch is pretty cool & it’s rose gold so you can never regret buying it! 
I am looking forward to do so many Get the look videos ahead and I have planned so many things for all of you! 
Thank you so much for reading! 
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