Get the Look #3 – Kendall Jenner

I hope you guys loved my last post which was Get the Look #2- Kylie Jenner
Like always I love kendall’s outfits. Also she is such a amazing fashion inspiration. So let’s get started!

She was rocking a sporty look, which I think is perfect if you want to workout or maybe just hangout feeling comfy yet sporty.

Her top was similar to the Tamara Mellon one. $132
Leggings from Nike for $67 (4400 INR)
Backpack from Malletier Grained for $1798 (116,500 INR)
Shoes from Puma for $65 (4200 INR)
Sunglasses from Saint Laurent for $374 (24,270 INR)
Whole outfit $2436 (158,035 INR)

Let’s search for some alternative options for this look! 
Top- Nike sports bra $55 (3568 INR)
You can never go wrong with nike sports bra because they are so freaking comfy & you can also pair it with a denim jacket or a see through top.
Leggings- $16 (1038 INR)
They are stretchable and can fit smoothly.
Backpack- $26 (1700 INR)
Shoes- Nike $52 (3436 INR)
Sunglasses- $6 (400 INR) 
If you stay in Mumbai you don’t have to go online & buy Sunglasses which costs you 400 bucks but instead you can get them easily at Colaba. There are huge varieties of sunglasses with millions of different colours! All you have to do is bargain! 
Whole Outfit- $155 (under 10k)
That’s everything for this look! Hope you loved this post. I’m trying my best to find products which are at a cheaper rate and which can ship internationally. Obviously you don’t have to buy the whole look. You can opt for the sports bra because the nike ones are legit good.
Thank you so much for reading! And i’ll see you next time. 🙂
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