Get The Look #4 – Selena Gomez

 Today’s get the look is very special to me, because I love selena gomez and I love this ‘Black chic’ look. Selena was spotted in NYC few weeks ago with this look. And OMG. I have way too many pictures. She just looks so incredibly stunning & I can’t take off my eyes from her. 
So that’s the reason why we have a Get The Look for Less post. 





Help me! I love her. 
Selena wore Channel Seam Skinny Jeans  ($225) (14801 INR)
Saint Laurent Suede Sandals ($695) (45,720INR)
Dior Sunglasses ($595)   (42,373INR)
I couldn’t find the exact top but I might be upto $200-$300
The total outfit will be upto $1800 (118413 INR)

So i have searched where you can get these pieces for less price.
We already own a pair of black jeans but just incase if you don’t have any then I have these amazing black skinny but yet comfy Jeans from Forever 21 & also they are just for 809 rs that’s $12.30
Moving on to the top. She had a high neck, sleeve less top. 
If you want you can also pair a simple V neck top or maybe a round neck one but I got the similar one from KOOVS 
It’s almost the same. It’s for 795 rs and that’s $12.08
Can we just look at those amazing Suede Sandals. I mean come on I’m dying. Those were from Saint Laurent, I know. So classy but I got you girl. I have The found the exact same. Not like 100% similar but 90% 
If you have checked my SHOP page then you know what they are!
They are the classic Klaur Melbourne heels. They are quiet similar but they have a hint of golden studs in them on the strap section. Plus it’s only for 1092rs ($16.60)
Last but never the least the sunglasses. I found the exact same one from The Snob Shop. They kinda look the exact same and omg I’m in love with those. The sunglasses retail for 990rs (15$) 
My recreation will cost you 3700rs ($56)

So that was for today! And there are so many exciting things coming soon so stay tuned for that! 
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Until next time!

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