How to acheive your goals in the last 4 months of 2017!

HOLY COW! I don’t know where that came from but OH MY GODDDDD! It’s almost September!!!?? I mean I don’t believe it, how fast this year went by! I know right. If you’re stuck or you still haven’t accomplished your goals of 2017 don’t worry you still have 4 months! That might seem a little but they are a lot! If you take each day into consideration you’ll definitely succeed.
Here are a few things which I planned for my business & How you can achieve your goals in the last 4 months of 2017!

Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash


Firstly you want to set a goal for the end of the year! If your goal is same as it was set by you in January 2017 then great! Sometimes goals can get stale, that sounds weird but yeah they sometimes go out of the zone. You have to think here that the goals which you’ve formed 8 months ago are they still what you want to achieve. You can always tweak them or just set a new fresh goal.  When it comes to setting goals to make sure they’re realistic enough for you to accomplish them. 
Let’s take an example,  If you’re a startup and if you want to achieve a goal of earning $100,000. Yes, that can happen but it’s a hyperbole.  So you want to set the goal which is as realistic as possible, you don’t want to make yourself think that “Oh my god how am I going to achieve this goal. How am I going to earn $100,000 in 4 months? ”  You have to do a few changes here. Look at how much you can earn & extend the amount slightly.  So if you are earning $2000 every month that means your potential is $8000 until December 2017. So to extend that keep your goal as $10,000 until December.

Here comes the most interesting part. If you look towards your goal like $10,000 in 4 months! How?? It can be a bit scary to look at it. But you now have to divide them into Monthly Goals or Weekly Goals. Or if you just want to go all out then set yourself Daily Goals which is so AMAZING! 
Let’s crush it down more: So your target is to earn $10,000 in the next 4 months. Divide those $10,000 by 4. That means you have to earn $2500 every month in order to reach your target. 
If that still feels un achievable then break it down in terms of weeks. 2500 a month which will turn into 500 a week! Pretty realistic right? Also if you’re completely into this then go ahead & challenge with dividing it into days. I know crazy but it’s so much fun! 500 a week will become $71 per day. Now that’s INSANE. Give yourself such realistic target & write it on your to-do list.

The ultimate but very very crucial step. If you want to achieve this target & move forward to achieve a bigger target for the next year you have to do it. Nothing works until & unless you do it. The third & the most important step is to implement. This can be different in every field. It will differ from person to person & category to category.  One thing I’d recommend is to research about it. If you’re trying to sell then research tactics, research strategies, how can you bring in new customers, provide discount codes, bring customers to your landing page? There are tons of options when you look for them.  
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead & smash them. I can definitely see you surpassing your goals. Start today instead of tomorrow! “ONE DAY or DAY ONE” You decide! This is my favorite quote of all time! It legit inspires me to do so much. As always thank you so much for taking your time out and visiting me here. I’ll see you next time! 
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