How to come up with the perfect Blog name!

If you’ve decided to start a blog the first thing you might want people to know about is your blog name.  Blog names defines your blog.  A blog name can give out what you’re blogging about. 
It refers to your blogging niche. 

If you are gonna blog about fashion or beauty then you might take few words related to fashion. For example: If you’re gonna blog about Fashion pick the words related to fashion which come to your mind first, such as Fashion, Style, Boho, Grunge, Edge, Lookbook. Then after picking the words, pick a word which suits and then you can add a tint of yourself. It can be Lookbook with Urvee, FashionGirl, Grunge Vibes, Hipster vibes, Fashion Look book etc etc.

If your blogging genre is about Makeup then go something for the makeup related words such as Makeup Junkie, Makeup Holder, or just Makeup addict, I breathe makeup. LOL. Makeup is my cardio.  You can add anything with your name related to it. 
For travel there are so many options such as Traveller, Wanderer, Wanderlust, Travel Diaries with (your name), Wandering Explorer (Your name), Travel vibes with (your name) something like these you can go with it.
Or the most simple one but yet it defines your identity is your own name. You are unique and there might be many urvee in the world but you know I’m different, you are different. And that’s how you can put your name as a blog name. Because after all it’s you who will create all the content and post it. 
There are some of my tips about how to come up with the perfect blog name. I wish you luck if you’re going to start your own blog and i’ll meet you today again with another post 🙂
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