I live for you – Book review

Author-Dhanashri Kadam
Publisher-White feather publications.

I live for you is a fiction book.Based on love/romance.Honestly when I started reading it I just finished reading this book in a day! Yes in a day! No jokes here! I’m serious. (-_-)

Its her debut novel.
There are 4 main characters involved in this book.Its about their relationship & their feelings.The problems which they faced but they still loved each other till the end.While the author embellished each and every point to make the story look amazing.
I suggest teenagers to read this book.If you are in love you should definitely read it.But if you are not in love then also you should read it because it gives you the feeling of love inside your heart. And you may start feeling love.
The language used is easy to understand.The length of the book is 145 pages.When Dhanashri published this book in 2012, there was an incredible response by readers.The rating got for this book is 4 stars. Which is quite impressive.Getting 4 out of 5 is a great job.This shows how the book can be.However the cover here is so pretty & the content is more pretty.

Moving on slightly deeper into the book I can assure you that you will just feel like reading it more as you go ahead with the story.The story teaches you or gives you the message to love and you will feel that you are not alone.If you love someone truly then the person will be with you no matter what you are going through.Its everything about love and being kind,respecting. However it takes a twist in the middle and the end just made me feel so warm.The twist  in the story made it feel more lively.You start building up your own identity in that characters.

Its all about love and responsibility which makes your heart skip a beat.People have written so much amazing about this book.After reading this book the story will imprint in your heart.There are so many things which we can learn from this story.

Readers are excited to read another novels from Dhanashri.
Also one more exciting news about Dhanashri Kadam that she is writing the second book which will be coming out very soon! Stay tuned with her to know more upcoming events.
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                                                      “Fall in love with I live for you.”
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