In the Middle

Sometimes I put too much pressure on myself.

 Even though working on different ideas I feel I haven’t done my 100%. I have so many ideas to share with all of you but I just don’t feel like I give my 100% every time. There are people who love what I do, they appreciate me but I’m just there like nah.
I try my hard to dedicate my time to my blog because I love it a lot. And I don’t wanna stop blogging again like I did a year ago. 
I don’t even know what i’m doing right now. I’m just messed up right now. I don’t even think that this post will go alive. 
The pressure is too much that I can’t deal with it. I’m sorry. Everything is coming from all the ways and it doesn’t feel normal. 
Also anxiety kicks in anytime & that makes it more worse. 
Do you feel sometimes like this? I hope I be in a happy mood some other day to post here.