Its all about me.

Hello everyone!
I am Urvee from Mumbai. I am 16. (Blah! That’s very formal introduction) *laughs*
I’m obsessed with Instagram! However I love reading novels & stories.I love music. (Including rock,pop,Bollywood etc) My favorite song keeps on changing all the time,but currently my favorite is G.U.Y by Lady Gaga.
My favorite blogger
Umm that’s a tough decision but I love Zoella , Niomi
There are so many blogger I love. ( Tanya Burr)
Coming to the favorite author.
My favourite youtuber!
Absolutely Its Bethany Mota , Zoella , Joe  including all British Youtubers.
I have read many books,novels,short stories but I guess….*silence*
I love all of them. *giggles*
I also have a pen friend! (we usually talk on Facebook & emails! haha)
She is Ashley Beale (Amazon’s number 1 author in romance) She is cute & I hope you read her books!
I also love travelling & to enjoy around with my family & friends! (I have never gone overseas I would definitely love to go to explore various places.)

Coming to the main topic! Well there must be question in your mind about why you are bogging?

I think…I thought of writing stories & blogs since I was…..*thinking* Yeah,since I was 12. (Gosh now I’m 16! Too late to write blogs!)
It will be great to write blogs & share it to all of you! However besides writing blogs I am working on a novella (it’s kind of mystery type of story, which would come this year! hoping)
Writing blogs isn’t about sharing your personal information to everyone through internet but it gives chance to interact with various readers all around the world. It’s great to meet them interact & share happiness all around.

What will you be blogging about? ( the next question to your mind)

Well I thought about it a lot. Specifically I love writing blogs about funny things,about some thoughts ( kind of serious one!)There’s not a particular topic on which I’m going to write but I think there’ll be a mixture of everything! There are loads of topics on which we can discuss about.

Thank you so much for reading my blog! I hope it did work! If you have any questions regarding my blog tweet me or just leave a comment on my Facebook page.Also I’ll let you know about my next blog very soon!Bye 🙂

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