Let’s talk about the orthodox people.

Yesterday I went for some Diwali shopping with my cousin brothers & sister. We were waiting for the auto, suddenly there was a guy across the street, he was staring me. Yeah guys are guys I know every boy must have done it and is checking out on every girl passing by.
But then there were a group of girls passing by, their age might me 15-16. All 5 of them were legit looking at me like i’ve murdered someone. As they walked past me one them gave me a rude kinda “What are you wearing look”. It got into my nerves. I said “Kabhi kisi ladki ko dekha nahi h kya?” (Haven’t you seen a girl before?)
Still those orthodox girls were looking and talking among themselves. Now you might think what was I wearing that everyone was looking at me. I just wore a acid washed jeans with a full sleeved t-shirt, my boots and my normal bag. What’s wrong in this? 

Same incident happened with me in july, I was going to attend my freshers party & I went out & wore  a blue dress which came upto my knee. And all the aunties were looking at me like I’m walking naked. I stopped in front of a big fat aunty who was staring at me, and said “Do you want to wear this?” Like why are you giving me idiot looks just because I wore a dress. 
I wear a dress they pass comments about me, If i wear full jeans then too they’ll pass comments. WOW. Great. What a Indian society, where if you wear dress (Indian Dress) then only you look good or else you look like a slut. I just don’t understand what’s most of the people’s problem. To be honest I don’t feel like staying here anymore. 
One more story. 
If you are a Indian and If you have or If you are studying “Engineering, Doctor, CA” then you are treated as a well educated person in the society. As of others (including me) If you study something simple then you are considered as “Not so hardworking” & “You don’t want to study”
Okay now people like this need to shut the fuck up. 
I’m studying Business Management and I love it. My parents didn’t force me to do the “society courses” because they wanted me to do what I love, instead of what society wants. 
There’s a girl in our locality, she asked my mom about what I was studying. My mom simply replied “Business Management” Then the bloody girl replied “OH That’s so easy! Urvee uska tho kya saab easy hi hota h” (She loves to do the things which are easy)
My mom slayed her. She asked her “What about you? You’re doing CA right? How much did you score in your CPT?” 
Her reaction went silent. Because she failed that exams 3 times in a row. 
*claps* *claps* 
Atlas I’m not failing like you. AND Wasting time on talking about other people.
I respect the decision that you’re doing CA or What so ever. My best friend (Honey)
She’s doing Engineering. And I totally respect that, but it doesn’t mean that you have to drag others just because you think you are studying the most amazing thing. 
OMG. Such a waste of time. I haven’t meet that girl, and if I meet her I’ll slay her. There are so many things which you can study it’s not compulsory to do what society thinks is better. I’m doing what I love and for god’s sake shut your mouth. There are hundreds of carrier path options. Just google it or approach a specialist. 
Some of the Indian people will never grow.
Any ways that were some of my experiences regarding all the poop thinkings of people. Share me your experiences so that we can try to educate some of the people. 
I have a really amazing Diwali outfit post coming soon, but I need to shoot.
Hope you are having a amazing Sunday. I’ll see you tomorrow! 🙂
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