Meeting Lilly Singh.

                Yesterday was Youtube Fan Fest in Mumbai. I was so fortunate to meet her. I received the VIP passes to meet her. And I was so excited to meet her. I’ve been watching her videos since 2 years now and I’ve watched her grow and watched her work hard. So here my rant starts. 
         I look terrible. When it was my turn to meet her I just straight in went for a long hug. I’m telling you she gives the best hugs ever. Like LEGIT. She asked me my name. And then when it was my turn to speak I went blank, I was like umm OMG. And said her how much I appreciated her hard work, and how much I love her as a person. She said thank you and I said her to take something for my snapchat so she made a video which you can see on my Instagram (@_urvee_)  
She’s legit so cute and kind. I hugged her again. Never have I ever imagined meeting her. It was so great. You might wonder why I couldn’t meet Connor. Lilly’s timing was first then Connor. So I meet her and when I came back we came to know that he left early. The timings for his meet and greet clashed with the timings of his red carpet event. The management totally sucked. But I managed to see him at the red carpet event and HE WAS SO CUTE. I CAN’T DEAL W THIS.
 I wish I had a picture but never mind.  Until next time Conny Franny 😉 Who knows when will I meet him? Tomorrow? Next year? In LA? 😉  Mumbai?
But I’m grateful to meet her and be a part of this amazing event. If you were at the fan fest make sure to tweet me your pictures 🙂 

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