My Diwali Outfit

Wish you all avery happy Diwali & I hope you enjoy a lot with your family & friends. Yesterday was the 1st Day of Diwali & this was my Outfit. 
Every year I wear a ghagra or a dress but this year I opted for a saree. I took this saree when I was in Bangalore for vacation. It’s the special Bangalore silk saree. When I saw it in stores I instantly fell in love with it and it was for 1800, which is surprising because you might get similar saree in Mumbai for much higher rate. And I bought this blouse from a store in Mumbai. It’s going perfectly with it and I love it turned out. 
Earrings from Colaba Causeway 

For the jewellery I wore my mom’s gold necklace.
Bangles also borrowed from Mom.

Fisrt I went for a Nude lip because I thought the red lipstick might clash with the entire outfit but then the Nude seemed too washed out & wasn’t highlighting my face. So I went ahead and wore the ‘Passion’ lipstick from Faces. It’s from their Ultime pro matte lipstick range.

I loved how the lipstick looked and gave a embellishing look.

For my eyes I applied Golden shimmer colour all across my lid and then brown, orange ish shimmer shade on the crease. Also highlighting under my brows with white eyeshadow.

Watch from Michael Kors.

For my hair I straightened it. 

That was my Diwali look! Don’t forget to share me your Diwali outfit look & makeup! 🙂
I’m enjoying Diwali & Hope you are also. Also drop any suggestions for upcoming blog post ideas and I’ll surely fulfil them. The next post is coming this week! And it’s something about my one and only bae.
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I’ll see you soon this week! 🙂
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