My Friends are so Creative!

Okay so where should I start! 
I love people who are creative and I love people who see things creatively. I think I got this quality from my dad. I don’t know.. there’s just thing in creativity that embellishes me so much. It bothers me so much If my work isn’t how I actually pictured in my mind. And half of my creativity comes from Connor franta YES. Creative AF.
Every time I talk about creative people and the people who are known for creativity, but today I decided to introduce you to my friends. 
Hold on.
Let me tell you they are creative,talented and OMG I appreciate their work so much.

Meet Avanti


She’s a amazing photographer. She and her sister Sanika are so talented in photography.
Me & Avanti met because of One Direction. <3 
We also share so many similarities such as boy bands, youtube, food creativity etc etc.
Her pictures are tumblr af, I kid you not they are so tumblr.
She and her sister Sanika also have a youtube channel named Voyage Hippies 
So definitely check that out! 🙂
Also if wanna see more tumblrish photos then go over to Avanti’s Instagram which is myhippiediary


Sanika is avanti’s sister. And she’s a amazing photographer. Her photos speak so much. They give a lot of meaning. You can view her photo gallery on her Instagram which is langleaver
check her out! she clicks amazing pictures <3
Also check Voyage hippies Youtube channel because the videos are amazing.

If you follow me on Instagram then you might know that I posted a video when my website relaunched. I just had clips of me & the website, but the music was made my SAM. He’s my childhood friend. He’s making remix & music & lots of amazing stuff since years now. Also he’s launching new music soon this month. So do check him out if you wanna dance to uplifting beats.
Sam’s sound cloud –

She’s my best friend’s (Honey) Best friend. Which indirectly means that she’s my best friend. 
OMG After I read her blog I was just amazed. How can you click such amazing pictures. Also she writes about various topics, and her opinions, her experience about various things. Her blog is
I just LOVE it. Thank me later 🙂

Meet Palak & Dhruvi. They have a blog 
Can we talk about how cute they look in those outfits. <3
I love their style so much. They give amazing suggestions on how to style a particular genre of outfit, which outfit will go with what. Also they share men’s fashion styling options with Jay. So guys head over to to gain some knowledge in styling denims, formals etc etc. 🙂 

Siddhart is my school friend. And also a amazing photographer. You can see his work on
So dope photography. He also has a good knowledge in photography & all the equipments. 
Check him out for amazing in depth captioned photography and just enjoy.
Hope you loved meeting my friends. I genuinely feel so happy that they are doing what they love in life, because most of the people just can’t do what they want to do. So make the most of your life and do what makes you happy. OMG This is totally going off topic….. 
So these were my friends 🙂
If you want to do a shoot in Mumbai then please contact Sanika, avanti & Siddhart. Also for some good music visit my buddy Sam. For amazing dope ass pictures don’t forget to check riya. And you’ll always need some fashion styling knowledge so you always have my cuties palak & dhruvi 🙂
Don’t forget. Like hey i’m here.. for you. To give you over all tips about everything happening in this world. Atlas we can talk about the things which we love e.g.: FOOD.
Until next time URVEE 🙂 
P.S- I also have cool friends such as Honey,Yashvi,Nikita,Purvi and tons so don’t think that I forgot you guys. 
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