Not Alone – Book review

Hello everyone! 
This is a book review about a very sensitive & graceful book by Chantal-BellehumeurShe is a multi-genre author. She have 9 books published, and short stories plus poems in anthologies and compilation books. Not alone is a novella! It’s of 104 pages. It’s written in English. The language used is attractive and you’ll simply understand it. The rating by Amazon for ‘Not Alone’ is 4 which are great. You can watch the price about the books here
The main character involved here is ‘Harmony’ it’s her story from childhood when her mother passed away, how did she handle everything after that. How she faces every problem with positive hope. And soon how she heals all her pains and enjoys her life. It definitely gives you an embellishing message that “Good days come to those who wait.” Here in this story Harmony was broken at some point & then she tries to face it and slowly & gradually her life improves. She waited and now she’s happy. All I want to say that it gives you a great message to “Feel confident & believe that you can do it!” It made me go into my flash back and made me remember all the sweet memories during my childhood. Don’t forget to give it a go! It’s really amazing & a stress less book. You’ll surely like it.
You can watch her website here