Get The Look #4 – Selena Gomez

 Today’s get the look is very special to me, because I love selena gomez and I love this ‘Black chic’ look. Selena was spotted in NYC few weeks ago with this look. And OMG. I have way too many pictures. She just looks so incredibly stunning & I can’t take off my eyes from her.  So that’s the reason why we have a Get The…

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Fringed bags – Trend report 2.

Fringed bags or tasseled bags are every where right now! They add a wild look on a outfit. So I went over board through cross body fringed bags. Here are 4 of my favourites! I didn’t find them in any local shops but you can get them in Forever 21 & Zara, mostly in all malls. There are on a higher side as we speak,…

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In the Middle

Sometimes I put too much pressure on myself.  Even though working on different ideas I feel I haven’t done my 100%. I have so many ideas to share with all of you but I just don’t feel like I give my 100% every time. There are people who love what I do, they appreciate me but I’m just there like nah. I try my hard…

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Where to buy Statement Necklaces! Trend Report 1

Statement Necklace are a huge trend right now. They can go smoothly with a simple white dress or a top. If you go online to search for necklace they can be quiet expensive but here are some of the stores where you can get accessories for much great rate!                                 …

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18th Birthday Outfits!

It was my 18th Birthday yesterday! Whoop whoop! Finally 18! 🙂 It was a great day. I loved every second of it. 18 here in Mumbai is a huge thing.  So as it was my 18th birthday I decided to show you my outfits. Yes I brought a lot of clothes for my birthday & at the end couldn’t decide which one to finalise. So…

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Get the Look #3 – Kendall Jenner

I hope you guys loved my last post which was Get the Look #2- Kylie JennerLike always I love kendall’s outfits. Also she is such a amazing fashion inspiration. So let’s get started! She was rocking a sporty look, which I think is perfect if you want to workout or maybe just hangout feeling comfy yet sporty. Her top was similar to the Tamara Mellon one. $132 Leggings…

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Get the Look #2 – Kylie Jenner

I’m a Tumblr addict.And scrolling through my feed I found these flawless images of Kylie. So I decided to do a Get the look. And yes they are coming back! So let’s get started. This such a comfy look. Not too much going on.  On Kylie. She wore a Neiman Marcus Jeans which was for 13,385 INR  (210 Dollars) I didn’t found out the exact brand from…

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July Favourites

A #GetTheLook post was gonna come on the blog but unfortunately I couldn’t film it outside because it was rainy. Anyways here are some of the things which I am loving throughout July. However there might be a #GetTheLook post coming this week! So stay tuned for that. 🙂                                                                         Clothing                         Clothes wise I am loving this navy blue top so much recently. I love…

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15 Just Directioner Things!

1.No matter what time it is or in which lecture you are you’ll fangirl over them & cry.                                                                                    Just admit it. Tumblr it all starts from…

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Casual Vibes.

        As its monsoon in Mumbai, but it never feels like monsoon.I decided to show you my casual look.Which I tend to wear occasionally. Everyday I have to get up at 5 in the morning for  my college and rush. Every morning I look like a creep because obviously I’m sleepy af and secondly I don’t have time to do my eye…

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