Ethnic Outfit Ideas!

Now that festival season is coming soon I’ve decided to show you some of the ethnic looks which I wore. These are just the outfits I wore, for festival season I also have more posts which I’m excited to share 🙂 You can pair a simple outfit with a glamorous makeup or a beautiful colourful outfit with a simple makeup look which I went for.…

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All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

It’s been months since I haven’t talked about books. And today I thought maybe why not share my view towards this book. First thing first I’m not an expert, and I have no way to review this book. This is just how I felt after reading it.  This book is called “All the Bright Places” Its written by Jennifer Niven.  This is how the beautiful…

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‘Recommend 10’

I came across this idea when FleurDeForce a blogger posted a video about her top 10 products which she recommends. So I thought maybe I can post or recommend you the products which I love and have re purchased again and again.  This is not a sponsored post.  And i’m gonna recommend you the products which I genuinely love using and I want my readers…

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Why are you so skinny?

Every where I go weather it’s meeting new friends or meeting the people I already know. I tend to get a question every time.  WHY ARE YOU SO SKINNY? OMG I JUST WANT TO BE LIKE YOU. WHAT DIET DO YOU FOLLOW. WHAT’S YOUR WORKOUT ROUTINE? HOW CAN I BE LIKE YOU?           Legit. You need to stop. Yes I admit the…

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My Friends are so Creative!

Okay so where should I start!  I love people who are creative and I love people who see things creatively. I think I got this quality from my dad. I don’t know.. there’s just thing in creativity that embellishes me so much. It bothers me so much If my work isn’t how I actually pictured in my mind. And half of my creativity comes from…

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The time Selena Gomez slayed my life!

I don’t know where to start but this is gonna go very very long As you may or may not know that I’m a die hard selenator and I just love her. She released her new album REVIVAL on Oct 9th which is amazing and let me tell you OMG all the songs are so empowering and beautiful. The lyrics have a wonderful meaning to…

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Get The Look #4 – Selena Gomez

 Today’s get the look is very special to me, because I love selena gomez and I love this ‘Black chic’ look. Selena was spotted in NYC few weeks ago with this look. And OMG. I have way too many pictures. She just looks so incredibly stunning & I can’t take off my eyes from her.  So that’s the reason why we have a Get The…

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Fringed bags – Trend report 2.

Fringed bags or tasseled bags are every where right now! They add a wild look on a outfit. So I went over board through cross body fringed bags. Here are 4 of my favourites! I didn’t find them in any local shops but you can get them in Forever 21 & Zara, mostly in all malls. There are on a higher side as we speak,…

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In the Middle

Sometimes I put too much pressure on myself.  Even though working on different ideas I feel I haven’t done my 100%. I have so many ideas to share with all of you but I just don’t feel like I give my 100% every time. There are people who love what I do, they appreciate me but I’m just there like nah. I try my hard…

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Where to buy Statement Necklaces! Trend Report 1

Statement Necklace are a huge trend right now. They can go smoothly with a simple white dress or a top. If you go online to search for necklace they can be quiet expensive but here are some of the stores where you can get accessories for much great rate!                                 …

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