Change. It’s a small word with a huge meaning.It’s not that easy to bring change in someone or the world. But what would be your answer if someone asks you what change do you want in the world or the people?   Here’s my answer. Stay Positive.I want people to stay positive throughout their journey.It’s so easy to say but literally million times hard when…

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My long lasting obsession.

I’m quiet obsessed collection sunglasses.I own 5 sunglasses and as you can see from the above picture there are only 4, because I couldn’t find the 5th one.Even though it’s monsoon in Mumbai I still wear them & want to buy more!  The first one from left is from Idee which was for  2000 rs. The round one is from Forever 21 which was for…

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Yeah we know what happened on 26th June 2015. It was such a happy day & I was overwhelmed by the response. All those people out there waited for this news finally came into existence. I can’t get more happier. I am in tears & the feeling is so incredible. I absolutely respect them & salute them for what they have been through. Its so…

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Dupe for Naked 3

All my life I have raved about how much I love the Naked palettes. The quality of them is awesome. They look very natural. Everything about that product is legit perfection. But they are a bit expensive. Obviously one of the best high end product. I know its like 3000/- (54$) ( on sephora website). And for freaking 4200/- on flipkart. So it was high…

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Reflective Monday.

Do you just sit back and wonder what happened. Or maybe while sipping a cup of coffee do you just come across various so called ‘Life Questions’? Yeah me too. Let’s just be frank. THEY SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF ME.                       What do I wanna do?                …

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A Work In Progress by Connor Franta.

As you all are aware about the fact that the Internet sensation Connor Franta released a book in April named ‘A Work In Progress’. To be completely honest I completed that book within 24 hours. It’s not just the thing of completing it in a day; it was about the content which made me read more. It was the hard work & the creativity seen in…

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Get the Look #1- Kylie Jenner

Want to get the look like Kylie Jenner? I have some similar outfits from the above picture! For the Coat- I loved 3. All from various brands! ZARA- 4490 INR ( 78 US Dollars) (52 British Pounds)click here to buy zara coat VEROMODA- 3317 INR (52 US Dollar) (35 British Pounds)click here to buy Vero moda coat FOREVER 21 – 2139 INR ( 33 US…

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Recently I went to Bangalore. And I had a great time. I visited Mysore palace. The weather was very chilly & cold. It was Raining over there! It is definitely a perfect place to visit. Here are some of the pictures from Bangalore & Mysore.                             The view of Mysore Palace was…

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Makeup Remover

Do you just deal the problem when makeup wipes burn your face? And it feels too much? Yeah me too! This a very very easy and not at all harmful for your skin to remove we all have it in our kitchens! You are gonna need coconut oil & tissues/towel. It doesn’t matter if you boil the oil or not. I just prefer cold.…

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BeYOUtiful ♥

 Sprinkle of glitter aka Louise Pentland is a successful Blogger & Youtuber. Her blog is  so beautiful but the one which completely stands out is the REFLECTIVE  MONDAY series. There are various topics which most of the teenagers lack through. You can find about it here. The Reflective Monday Series consist of topics/problems such as Letting Go, Courage, Fresh Start, Goals,Honesty,Good in Bad,Behavior,Gratitude,Inadequacy,Irony.          …

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