18th Birthday Outfits!

It was my 18th Birthday yesterday! Whoop whoop! Finally 18! 🙂 It was a great day. I loved every second of it. 18 here in Mumbai is a huge thing.  So as it was my 18th birthday I decided to show you my outfits. Yes I brought a lot of clothes for my birthday & at the end couldn’t decide which one to finalise. So…

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Get the Look #3 – Kendall Jenner

I hope you guys loved my last post which was Get the Look #2- Kylie JennerLike always I love kendall’s outfits. Also she is such a amazing fashion inspiration. So let’s get started! She was rocking a sporty look, which I think is perfect if you want to workout or maybe just hangout feeling comfy yet sporty. Her top was similar to the Tamara Mellon one. $132 Leggings…

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Get the Look #2 – Kylie Jenner

I’m a Tumblr addict.And scrolling through my feed I found these flawless images of Kylie. So I decided to do a Get the look. And yes they are coming back! So let’s get started. This such a comfy look. Not too much going on.  On Kylie. She wore a Neiman Marcus Jeans which was for 13,385 INR  (210 Dollars) I didn’t found out the exact brand from…

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July Favourites

A #GetTheLook post was gonna come on the blog but unfortunately I couldn’t film it outside because it was rainy. Anyways here are some of the things which I am loving throughout July. However there might be a #GetTheLook post coming this week! So stay tuned for that. 🙂                                                                         Clothing                         Clothes wise I am loving this navy blue top so much recently. I love…

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15 Just Directioner Things!

1.No matter what time it is or in which lecture you are you’ll fangirl over them & cry.                                                                                    Just admit it. Tumblr it all starts from…

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Casual Vibes.

        As its monsoon in Mumbai, but it never feels like monsoon.I decided to show you my casual look.Which I tend to wear occasionally. Everyday I have to get up at 5 in the morning for  my college and rush. Every morning I look like a creep because obviously I’m sleepy af and secondly I don’t have time to do my eye…

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Change. It’s a small word with a huge meaning.It’s not that easy to bring change in someone or the world. But what would be your answer if someone asks you what change do you want in the world or the people?   Here’s my answer. Stay Positive.I want people to stay positive throughout their journey.It’s so easy to say but literally million times hard when…

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My long lasting obsession.

I’m quiet obsessed collection sunglasses.I own 5 sunglasses and as you can see from the above picture there are only 4, because I couldn’t find the 5th one.Even though it’s monsoon in Mumbai I still wear them & want to buy more!  The first one from left is from Idee which was for  2000 rs. The round one is from Forever 21 which was for…

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Yeah we know what happened on 26th June 2015. It was such a happy day & I was overwhelmed by the response. All those people out there waited for this news finally came into existence. I can’t get more happier. I am in tears & the feeling is so incredible. I absolutely respect them & salute them for what they have been through. Its so…

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Dupe for Naked 3

All my life I have raved about how much I love the Naked palettes. The quality of them is awesome. They look very natural. Everything about that product is legit perfection. But they are a bit expensive. Obviously one of the best high end product. I know its like 3000/- (54$) ( on sephora website). And for freaking 4200/- on flipkart. So it was high…

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