I live for you – Book review

Author-Dhanashri KadamPublisher-White feather publications. I live for you is a fiction book.Based on love/romance.Honestly when I started reading it I just finished reading this book in a day! Yes in a day! No jokes here! I’m serious. (-_-) Its her debut novel.There are 4 main characters involved in this book.Its about their relationship & their feelings.The problems which they faced but they still loved each…

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School Memories

“The bells of our school ring our far and wide,Their chimes make our childhood so happy & bright,They welcome young scholars to work & to play,They call us to duty, they call us to play.” Such an adorable lines of my school song! School memories! Yes they have a so precious place in our heart! My 12 years spent in school were freaking amazing! No…

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Its all about me.

Hello everyone!I am Urvee from Mumbai. I am 16. (Blah! That’s very formal introduction) *laughs*I’m obsessed with Instagram! However I love reading novels & stories.I love music. (Including rock,pop,Bollywood etc) My favorite song keeps on changing all the time,but currently my favorite is G.U.Y by Lady Gaga. My favorite bloggerUmm that’s a tough decision but I love Zoella , Niomi There are so many blogger I…

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