My Summer Swimwear Staples

Talking about summer swimwear staples, Bikinis and one piece swimsuits are always a consideration. Especially swimsuits from Zaful are the best. I have always heard about Zaful Swimwear and recently I got to try them out.…

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College outfits without jeans!

Whenever we think about college, Jeans and tee are the must outfit idea which pops up in our head. But today I’m going to show you that you don’t always have to wear jeans to college. All the outfits in this post are from Zaful Coming back to outfits for college, I’d say I’m just tired of wearing jeans. So, in that case, flowy pants…

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Why I love Self-Portrait & my picks from it!


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100+ Affordable College Outfit Ideas

June is here, which also means that colleges will start now. For me, I recently graduated which means no college for me. That was a bittersweet thing to say. However, speaking of college clothes and outfits always come to mind. So for that Today I’ve picked a lot of options for you all which are very affordable and you can look trendy and comfy on…

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Summer Dresses Ideas

Since summer is almost here I decided to show you some amazing clothing items which I’ve been wanting to wear throughout this summer. All the products are from Zaful because they have the trendiest clothes at so affordable price! Wrap dresses and yellow are very trending right now! Here are few of my Favourite ones Checked Bowknot cut out midi dress (click to view ) …

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Men’s Spring Fashion Trends in 2018

This is a Guest Post By Craig Scott. Craig Scott is the editor at LuxAuthority and is trying to balance both his budget and his credit card balance. He likes to live lavish and treat himself when the opportunity allows it. He loves the newest tech, old cars and the smell of rich mahogany and leather bound books as well!  Fashion trends should be used…

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How to Style 1 Plaid Coat in 2 unique ways!

Plaid coats are a huge trend right now and we can see so many people rocking the Plaid coats in so many different ways!  So for today, I have something really exciting for you guys!  We all can see the plaid trend going in the world currently and almost everyone is wearing it. So I had to jump on the bandwagon and try it by…

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Stylish Women Footwear that’ll Look FAB with any Outfit!

This is a guest post by India Rush. Buy women footwear, online ladies bellies on sale. Every woman dreams of having a big shoe closet with each and every type of shoes in it. But as usual our budget and space for making big closet constraints us. As women, we can never ever have enough shoes. There is always an occasion or a reason to…

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Party ready with Date The Ramp

Hey guys! For today I’ve decided to show you 2 looks I’ve created by using clothes from  Date The Ramp. ( click here to visit )  Date The Ramp is a platform where you can rent luxury clothing for events. There are so many amazing varieties of clothing and accessories. So I rented a pair of embroidered pants and a black slit maxi dress with a…

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