Beyond the Veil

 “A woman is unstoppable” Yes she definitely is. I received this book “Beyond the Veil” by  Siddhi herself & I was really intrigued by reading the summary. I don’t want to spoil it for you all so I’m gonna mention few things briefly. This is a Story about an Indian Girl Janhvi who gets married to Ram. ( typical arrange marriage you see ) Slowly the whole story unfolds…

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Circle Of Life By BlingLane

“Every piece of jewelry tells a story” I’m a firm believer of the Law Of Attraction, it’s give and take with the Universe. You get what you give, you put out to the world. If you give positivity you’ll get positive things in return, but if you give negative thoughts or actions you’ll receive the same! It’s giving and take you see? It all goes…

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Summer Wishlist : Ombre Maxi Dress & Halter Dress!

 Summers are here! And we all have the urge to shop more! So why not shop from the right place? I have a few of my fav pieces which you can wear in Summer, they’ll look absolutely adorable. All the products are from  RoseGal My Summer staples which I always look forward are Ombre Maxi Dresses & Halter DressesOmbre Maxi Dresses look gorgeous and give…

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Imperial Look

  In February I got to shoot in Imperial palace which was so wonderful. We had a college assignment to shoot so we ended up shooting there. We had a time limit so I didn’t really shoot for my blog.You might have seen this look before on my blog! The final video turned out to be so good and I’m so proud of it! You…

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The Perfect Military look you’re searching for.

After this I can say is my fav color after black is military green. I live and breathe in black but I wanted to try adding color to my life LOL. I went with a combination of 2 trends Cold – shoulder tops  & Pleated skirts. It just can’t get better. And then adding a bit more color to my feet with the lace up…

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Inspiration for week!

Hello! Happy Tuesday! For this week’s TackleItTuesday we are going to gain some inspiration. Yes, I know you’ve played Holi yesterday and totally hated it going to work or college today. I feel you. So here are some inspirational words which will help us to be back on track. Don’t forget to check last week’s TackleItTuesday post which was all about Self Care. – 10 Self…

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Quirky way to style Pleated Skirt.

Alright. I know I’m late. You’ve probably seen every other girl wearing a pleated skirt in a million ways! You can pair it with graphic tees, sweatshirts, basic tees, bodysuits etc. But I paired it in a funny way just to have fun and experiment with my style! I basically wore a simple plain white shirt and instead of tucking it in, I tied a…

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10 Self Care Ideas which helped me.

In today’s #TackleItTuesday series I’m going to talk about Self Care. In my previous post Winding Up & Starting Over I mentioned about focusing more on Self Care. After that, I’ve been looking after myself & maintaining the positive mindset which I have currently. It’s really important for one to practice self-care because it just gives a lot of confidence. If you haven’t started doing something for yourself…

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Basic but not too Basic Outfit!

Ever feeling rushed? Yeah me too all the time. Don’t know what to wear? I got you, girl!  T-shirt dresses are the best thing ever. They are so comfy & you can style them in so many different ways! Here’s an example of how I love to style T-shirt dresses. This is my take on how I’d love to style it on a casual day…

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3 Years of my Blogging Journey

Hello! Can you imagine It’s been 3 years I’ve been typing my thoughts on here? Time flies by! It began from absolutely NOWHERE to a Small Business. It still feels surreal to me that at the age of 19 I have my own business. ( Not that Huge one but hey I’m making the effort. ) I remember reading Zoella’s blogs back in 2013 &…

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