Problem with Numbers.

It’s October and I have no idea where this year went. It was January yesterday. However, I’m excited about autumn / winter, just because festivals are coming which put me in a slightly better mood. We can’t ignore the fact that even the leaves turn into a different color & fall, it’s still boiling hot. Things are changing as we speak, there are quite a few things in my mind which have changed. My perception or attitude towards various aspects of my life have gone through a complete transition.
One of the very important things which I consider in my life is blogging. Now I’m being completely honest with you, to be recognized in this industry people tend to look at your number of followers, subscribers, views etc. They can decide at what level you are, or people around can decide at what level you are by viewing your followers count.
In NO WAY I’m going to say that yeah I have a ton of followers and all that stuff. I just have a tiny community of 1800 people. And that won’t grow overnight, let it take time. What I’ve really wanted to say was, now for me these numbers don’t matter. Last year or even the six months ago me, I was so concerned about getting more followers, views. I was hooked up to my laptop researching ways to increase a following. 
I’ve also talked with fellow bloggers & other creators in this community and I’ve realized I’m not the only one going through this. This industry is huge and increasing day by day which creates so many opportunities as well hurdles in front of you. 
But you grow, you learn. Over the past 2 & half years of me blogging and letting my opinions and thoughts out here, I’ve learned A LOT. This was a year of change where I’ve felt I’ve stopped caring about things which I used to care about every 2 seconds of my life. I’ve come to a point where these numbers & statistics don’t matter to me much. I follow the motto of “Quality over Quantity” 
I’d rather not post for 2 weeks rather than posting something which I don’t really like.
If you are an avid reader of my blog then you might know that I LOVE Connor Franta,  I did write a blog post about his book.
There’s a chapter in his book “Numb to numbers”. He basically said what I’ve wanted to say now. When I first read this chapter last year it took me quite a while to convince myself to not care about this situation. And now here I am after a year & a half reading that chapter again and this time, I genuinely feel convinced and confident that this social likes won’t get me.
If you haven’t read what he wrote then here’s a glimpse
“Yes, I remember when my first 50 likes meant something, but after a while, the number from 100 to 100,000 to 1 million to infinity and beyond became figures without meaning, and I’m happy it’s gotten to that point. A number doesn’t validate who I am or what I’m doing.
If you’re truly confident, you don’t need to seek the likes of others. 
It’s a trap and you can get into it easily I get it. Have confidence in yourself and what you put out into the world.
Be numb to the numbers. Don’t let the numbers numb you.”

This is a never ending process, people compare by the number of likes you have or the followers. To me, I’m just finally over it. Today I’m so self-assured to say that the quality of content which I provide is more important. After all, I’m the same person the number of likes or comments won’t change how I am as a person.
If you are a content creator or a person going through this, it’s so unhealthy and I know how it feels. I’m not just being sympathetic but I assure you it’s just another thing which everyone goes through. Let’s just be numb to numbers.


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