A lot of people expect that blogging is really easy and they can wink it and everything becomes super easy. I just want to let this out that by no means it was a planned post but eventually it happened. 
People ask me about why I started blogging and do I get paid to write stuff about products or review products. And also why don’t I post like others bloggers. 
AND ” Oh so you’re a blogger ! You started blogging because you wanted to earn money?
First thing, I started blogging as a hobby and I still continue it as a hobby. In no fucking way my intension was to blog because I get paid. It’s just like my diary where I share the things which I love to do and create. I’ve been doing it since a year I know it’s not a long time but the questions of me getting paid are just over boarding. Yes I get paid, But by Google Adsense and not the companies whose products I talk about. 

“Yes google pays me money” When I say this sentence in public people normally go like ” Oh wow I can also do that” And I kid you not there was a person i’m not gonna mention the name but, this person was like “Oh such a dumb girl like you can earn money then why can’t I”
Overconfidence can drag you down.
Yes I’ve been getting mixed comments lately. Making money online and getting thousands of views is easy to say, but when you actually go ahead and try it out it’s just more harder. And the amount you receive for 1000 impressions is like in cents! If you get 5000 or 10000 views daily then you can say that YES I GET PAID. I haven’t really started earning money, but I earn a small amount which keeps me happy. And i’m satisfied with that. 
So imagine how much traffic you need in a month or day to get your check in  hundreds of dollars. Just because I don’t talk about making money with other people they just have the misconception that they can do everything and they can earn. I just don’t like to talk about the AdSense thing because people might just start ranting over confidently that they can start their own blog & dream about  driving a Audi wearing Valentinos and a Prada bag. -_-
I know bloggers who are known for their ultimate blogs, it took then 4-6 years to get to that position and some people just think that they can make it in a year? Well no.
Second thing is my style vs the style of other bloggers. I’ve made this website for me rather than for anyone else. Here I share content which I genuinely feel like posting and obviously which can help you guys. I just don’t want to talk about some shit which isn’t worth & brag about it. And I want a creative content not just a post which won’t help anyone. Even if it helps 1 of you then i’m happy. 
Also i’m not a full time blogger so I just can’t go around everyday shooting and shopping. For me yes my blog is important but my education is more than equal. I just write the stuff which I feel like posting rather than going with the trend. (You know what I mean?)
Other things are just like Why don’t you start your own youtube channel?
Well, it isn’t easy as what you see. I’ve tried it in May. I filmed myself and edited, it was cool, but for some reason I didn’t felt like posting it. I realised that; that’s not where I want to be. Like that’s not my niche. And making youtube videos is a huge thing because you need ideas which are unique and it shouldn’t feel like copying. Also editing takes like 3-4 hours for a simple 5 min video. But anyway I didn’t felt like going that way, because somewhere I knew I wasn’t able to give my 100% there. But here as it is my hobby I feel like i’m giving my 100%. And I just didn’t wanted to push myself to do things which I didn’t wanted to & do things which others do.
I also receive some comments as “OMG you’re so perfect”
“Your photos are so dope”
For some reason I don’t like being called perfect. It’s just not what I love really. There are so many things which I suck at & I can’t do. I’m terrible at singing,dancing, maths. See. I can’t do that stuff. Now a days people use the word “Perfect” a lot. But in reality no one is perfect and everyone has their flaws. A perfect person isn’t real. For you my blog might seem perfect but for me I still want to make thousands of changes to make it look a bit better.  There are things restricting me to do what I love but I understand. 
This wasn’t planned. I wanted to talk about this since a long time but it eventually happened. And for all the bloggers reading this, I don’t want you to feel de-motivated. This is what I went through and that’s okay. I just don’t want you to be afraid, just carry on what you’re doing. Eventually everything cool will happen. I’m sorry it wasn’t a fun post. But I hope i’ll see you tomorrow. Also it’s 4th november which means only 4 days until 8th. I feel like it went quickly. 
Hope you have a amazing day.