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I came across this idea when FleurDeForce a blogger posted a video about her top 10 products which she recommends. So I thought maybe I can post or recommend you the products which I love and have re purchased again and again. 
This is not a sponsored post. 
And i’m gonna recommend you the products which I genuinely love using and I want my readers to know about it.
Let’s get started!


If you know audible is a leading provider in audio books. There 180,000 books to choose from. If you sign up with audible.com/connor you get a book for free! And I’m currently listening to A work in progress by my bae Connor Franta. I know I have the physical book but in audible he himself recorded his book. So you can hear him narrating his own story which for me is incredible. 
Also i’m reading a amazing book at the moment which I might talk about in some days! So stay tuned for that 🙂
Definitely check out audible we get a huge variety to choose from 🙂
Olivia Concealer 

This concealer OMG. I tried it on myself last week when I was at my friends place. It was BOMB. 
It’s waterproof. No matter how much you cry it won’t go. But the best fact, you don’t need to apply a BB cream or a foundation before applying the concealer. Apply your sunscreen, then this concealer &  pat on some power! You are good to go! 
Also they provide you with a good huge quantity and it’s only for freaking 150 rs. YES! HEAVEN. 
You can get it in various shades but i’m not to sure about the number of shades available. You can use the darker shade as a contour and the lightest shade as a highlighter! It’s amazing 🙂
Bath & Body Works Mist

I got this as a gift from  my aunt. I don’t really think we get it in stores? Correct me if i’m wrong. But she brought me 3 mists from US but the Twilight woods one turned my favourite. 
I majorly suck at describing scents but i’ll try.
*smells it*
*smells it for 1000 times*
It kinda has a strong effect. It’s floral but not majorly floral. Semi-floral. It doesn’t give a major floral effect. It’s sweet. And I love it. 
So if you can get hands on these then you’ll love it! 
Lakmae Sun expert.

I’ve been using this since 4 years now and it hasn’t replaced my love for this. It contains SPF of 30 which is a cool thing. It protects your skin amazingly and lasts longer. Also it smells really great. It retails for 325rs, it lasts long and you need a small amount to cover up your whole face.
Neutrogena cleanser.

I purchased this something in  April or May. And i’m running short of it, which clearly indicates that that I need to buy one. It’s a cleanser so It does all the work which makeup wipes do. But makeup wipes harm my skin and it feels like someone has slapped me with fire. Makeup wipes doesn’t suit me so instead I gave this cleanser a go. And I loved it.
It removes makeup. It also removes the waterproof mascara entirely. But the only downfall about it is that it leaves my skin feeling very dry. Other than that it does a great job on me. But after cleanser you have to use scrub and face wash so you get a overall clean face and the scrub & face wash adds  moisture to your face.
I don’t know the exact price but I think it’s for 200 or 250. 
And you really need a very small amount and it lasts very long. I’m using the same bottle since 6 months now and you can guess the amount I need everyday. 
Lakmae 9 to 5 Matte lipsticks.
I’ve raved about these lipsticks SO much to everyone!
They are from lakemae’s 9 to 5 collection. They give a matte finish and they come up with amazing colours. I also own maybelline ones but they deserve  another in dept post. The packing is rose gold.It retails for 450 rs but you can get for a lesser price on Nykaa

Above picture Left –  Magenta Mind (Right) – Toffee nexus
Magenta mind is a really bright pink which adds a amazing pop to your whole look. But you need to carefully apply it.
Toffee nexus is by far my most favourite nude lipstick no matter what I always go back to this. I’m running out of it because I use it every time I go out. I love it. It gives a amazing nude yet classy look to your lips.

Me wearing Magenta Mind.
Me wearing toffee nexus.
Himalaya Neem Face wash.

We all are aware about this product. And we all have used it. 
For some reason I stopped using it, then I started to get little spots on my face which really bothered me. I used to use this product since 8th grade I think. So i went and bought it and It really helped my skin to get rid of pimples & spots. It helps your skin to be fresh. It retails for 60 rs and you also get it in travel/ handbag size. This is my 6th or 7th purchase which also ran out! If you aren’t using this then definitely give it a go. It also smell great and you get it every where even in general medical stores. But make sure you buy the tube one because It also comes in pump. That didn’t helped me i don’t know why maybe because of the texture. 
Eyeconic Mascara

I love this mascara because it does the best job. It curls your lashes and makes it look voluminous. The wand is quite amazing as you can apply it easily to your upper & lower lashes. It doesn’t get too thick. Its easy to remove. It is rated for 350 rs and it lasts longer. So definitely check it out.
Music match 

This is a app which you can download for free. It’s similar to shazam but when you play a song in your google play music the lyrics of the song automatically appears on the screen! So you don’t have to run searching for lyrics on youtube or google.

Miss claire eyeliner pen.

I’m a major eyeliner person and I apply eyeliner  every single day. However I hate the eyeliners which come in bottles and you have to dip the brush and apply it. They don’t give more grip as of the eye liner pens. Eye liner pens give a amazing grip and you don’t have to do the annoying thing of dipping and then it might go wrong and stuff. I use the miss claire eyeliner pen and also the NYX eye liner pen. Obviously I don’t use both at the same time. I just alternate between both of them. Miss claire one came for 150 rs and the NYX one I got from Beauty shop for 200 rs. 
They are amazing. They give intense black look. Also they last longer on my eye also in the actual pen. They have a thin tip which gives it more  control to draw your wing. 
So these were the products that I enjoy using and which helped me in some way. Hope it helps you too. Also i’m daily blogging till 8th november!
So don’t forget to visit here daily as I share various tips and rant about stuff.
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